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Vocational Dental Practitioners

Vocational Dental Practitioners are entitled to the same parental rights as other employees.

Reasonable time off for antenatal care must also be allowed. Problems sometimes occur when a trainee becomes pregnant and is unable to complete her course. In these circumstances she can apply for a certificate of completion which may be granted depending on how near she is to completion when she goes on maternity leave. Alternatively, she may decide not to complete the course after giving the required period of notice to the trainer. If she had to cease practice at an early stage in the course and a certificate of completion could not be obtained, it may be possible to arrange a shortened traineeship following her return to practice to complete her one year’s training period. Part-time vocational training (over two years) is also available. Advice from the relevant Dental Deanery should be taken.

A pregnant practice owner who is a vocational trainer must make arrangements for the trainee. It may be possible to arrange to transfer a trainee to another practice when the trainer is absent on maternity leave. Alternatively, if the trainer decides to cease clinical practice for a while but still remains in the practice for most of the time, there is no reason for the trainee to be transferred. The trainer may have more time to devote to her trainee, if she is not providing General Dental Services or Personal Dental Services herself.

VDPs and trainers needing further help with the above issues should contact BDA Practice Support on 020 7563 4574.