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Audit projects

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These pages provide you with an overview of how to do an audit project and a number of 'cookbook' audits on radiographs and patient waiting times. We have developed these audits in co-operation with the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and will be adding further methodologies to these pages over the next few months.

Generally speaking, the following information should be included in a project outline:

  • a brief outline of the aims and objectives of the project as well as the standard to be set
  • a summary of the methodology, including details of data sample sizes, recording methods and proposed methods of data analysis
  • if possible, a timetable of activity
  • proposed educational source materials.

You might wish to start with an audit that has a pre-set methodology (cookbook audits). A number of recently-updated samples can be found on these pages. 
Members of the BDA’s Good Practice Scheme are required to carry out an annual audit on record-keeping, radiographs and other clinical audit subjects. More information on this audit is available from the Good Practice Team on 020 7563 4598.