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Selecting your CPD

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The GDC has defined mandatory core subjects for CPD cycles starting in January 2007, which total a minimum of 20 hours. The remaining requirements of 55 hours of verifiable CPD can be fulfilled as you wish. Selecting CPD activities requires you to identify your needs and the best way of meeting them. Your choice of CPD should be relevant to your practice. 

A personal development plan (PDP) is the best way of assessing your CPD needs and will help you to be more focussed when selecting CPD activities, ensuring that they are relevant to your PDP.

Mandatory requirements

From January 2007, dentists starting a new CPD cycle will be required to undertake the following verifiable CPD each five-year cycle:

  • Medical emergencies (minimum of 10 hours)

  • Disinfection and decontamination (minimum of 5 hours)

  • Radiography and radiation protection (minimum of 5 hours)

Dentists in practice should also undertake CPD in legal and ethical issues, and handling complaints. The GDC has not specified a minimum number of hours nor that this CPD must be verifiable.

The same core subjects and specified hours apply to the CPD requirements of dental care professionals, although dental technicians are not required to do CPD in radiography as it is not part of their curriculum.