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About us

SGH header - lightCurious about aims to generate a body of relevant information for practicing dentists by focusing on issues important to dentistry. We want to make it easier for dentists to be the best they can be.

Conceived under the will of Shirley Glasstone Hughes "for the purpose of providing in each year such prizes or scholarships for Dental Research". The Fund has chosen to focus on funding research that will have a direct impact on dentists.

Einstein pull out quoteBDA members have judged research funded by the Trust as being relevant to practice and the Trust has been credited with positively influencing and improving careers, sparking interest in research and helping researchers achieve PhDs.

Over 40 research projects worth in excess of £700,000 have been funded to date. All areas of dentistry are considered and the aim is to fund research that will have a direct impact on those in primary care. More than 60 publications have resulted from our funded projects and a list of publications can be downloaded.

The Trust is continuously looking for ways in which it can benefit dentists and if you have ideas for questions you would like answered, get involved!

Contact us

For further information about Curious about or to submit a topic or suggestion please e-mail or use the link below.

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