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The VT year

During your VT/DFT year, you will normally spend four days a week practising dentistry and one day at the study day course. You will also have tutorial sessions with your VT/DFT trainer each week.

The VT/DFT year builds on the undergraduate course to:

  • Enable you to practise and improve your skills

  • Introduce you to all aspects of dental practice in primary care

  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and balance them through a planned programme of training

  • Promote oral health and quality dental care for patients

  • Develop further and implement peer- and self-review, and promote awareness of the need for professional education, training and audit as a continuing process

  • Enable you to:

    • Make competent and confident professional decisions including referrals to other services

    • Demonstrate that you are working within ethical guidelines and maintaining confidentiality

    • Implement regulations and guidelines for the delivery of safe practice

    • Know how to obtain appropriate advice on, and practical experience of, legal and financial aspects of practice

    • Demonstrate that you have acquired skill and knowledge in the psychology of care of patients and can work successfully as a member of a practice team.