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Education, Ethics and the Dental Team

The Education, Ethics and the Dental Team Working Group is a PEC sub-committee with the remit to consider and advise on all matters appertaining to the education, training and professionalism of dentists and the dental team, and to the maintenance and raising of professional standards.

The remit of this working group is wide and touches all spheres of practice. Its membership consists of PEC members, chairs of the craft committees, Student and Young Dentists Committees, and a lay member.


Recent work

Recent work has included advising the PEC on GDC underperformance issues and the wider regulatory landscape, introduction of case examiners to the GDC’s fitness-to-practise process, satisfactory completion of dental foundation training, and general standards issues. The group also considers dental training and workforce issues, and contributes to any regulatory initiatives affecting dentistry.

For further information, please contact the committee secretariat on 020 7563 4133 or email Ulrike Matthesius.


Meet the members

PEC members
Alison Lockyer (Chair)
Russ Ladwa
Nigel Jones
Paul Woodhouse
Mick Armstrong (ex officio)
​​​Eddie Crouch (ex officio)

Chairs of craft committees (or their nominees)
Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen (GDPC) and Ruby Austin
Michael Cranfield (ECDSC)
Giles McCracken (CCDAS)
Peter Dyer (CCHDS)


Student and young dentist representatives
Ronan O'Flynn (YDC)
Parnyan Ashtari (Students Committee)
Lay member
Nikki Renken


The WG meets three times a year, usually in February, June and October. Matters are also considered by email or telephone conference as appropriate.