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Health and Science Committee

The Committee focuses on topics of interest to dentistry, including the use of dental amalgam, oral cancer, fluoridation, infection control, and others.

Read our latest blogs on the topic of public health for an update on our work.


Who are the Health and Science Committee's representatives?

Our members expertise ranges from political issues such as the regulation of dentistry and oral health promotion to clinical issues such as cross infection control, orthodontics and restorative dentistry:


The current Chair is Dr Russ Ladwa
Other members of the Committee are as follows:

  • Professor Avijit Banerjee
  • Dr Abs Casaus
  • Dr Len D’Cruz
  • Professor Elizabeth Kay
  • Dr Nikolaus Palmer
  • Dr Susie Sanderson
  • Dr Graham Stokes
  • Dr Jason Stokes
  • Professor Damien Walmsley 
  • Professor Timothy Watson
  • Professor David Williams
  • Professor Nairn Wilson
  • Dr Desmond Wright (cross-representative from the Dental Public Health Committee)

Cochrane UK representative

The Committee also includes a representative from Cochrane UK, Professor Helen Worthington. 

Cockrane UK aims to improve health by promoting the production, understanding and use of high quality research evidence by patients, healthcare professionals and those who organise and fund healthcare services.


For details of upcoming meetings email Arianne Matlin.