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The English Council shall as a minimum consist of the following voting members: one member elected from each branch within England. The English Council shall not be comprised of more than 30 voting members elected from the branches.


The English Council exists to present the views of members to the BDA Board. Council membership is not restricted by age or field of practice and members are drawn from each Branch in the country.



The Chair of the Council is Hannah Woolnough, and the Deputy Chair is Marion English.


​Central Counties
​Gillian Cottam
​East Lancs/East Cheshire​Vacant
​East Midlands​Sarah May
​Eastern Counties​Hannah Woolnough
​Essex​Nick Barker
​Middlesex/Herts​Marion English
​North Western​Vacant
​Northern CountiesNick Marshall
​South Mercia​Keith George
​South Yorkshire​Vacant
​Southern Counties​Mary Green
​Wessex​Keith Percival
​West Lancs/West Cheshire​Linda Szalk
​Western Counties​Victoria Jephcote
​John Milne

​Contact details

If you would like further information regarding the English Council, please email Stuart Abrahams stuart.abrahams@bda.org