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Country councils

Consisting of representatives elected from local BDA branches (sections in Wales), exist for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Their job is to consider and advise the PEC on all matters relating to dentistry in the country concerned, and to liaise with branches and sections. The Councils are the ‘voice’ of members to the PEC, and members of country councils are an essential link between BDA members and the PEC.

The representatives in all the country councils meet around twice a year as the United Kingdom (UK) Council. This permits them to discuss matters of common interest across the UK (such as regulation). The UK Council receives regular updates on membership and finances, and briefings on the PEC’s strategic and operational plans. The UK Council also has an important role on behalf of members in holding the PEC to account, and this includes the entitlement of the UK Council to a detailed annual report and review of the PEC’s activities.​