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Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services

The Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) is a craft committee of the BDA. It is concerned with all matters that affect dental staff working in hospitals on dental and medical terms and conditions across the UK (Consultants/SAS/Dentists in Training). It advises the BDA and its other committees on all matters relating to the provision, maintenance and enhancement of efficient, effective and economical hospital dental services.

The committee changed its remit slightly for 2022 and now has an even spread of representatives from across the three hospital grades: Consultant, SAS dentists, and dentists in training with representation from across the UK. Over the COVID-19 pandemic the committee has worked hard to ensure that dentists across the UK have been supported.

  • The CCHDS agreed with NHS Employers for a light-touch appraisal for all employed dentists to ensure that health and wellbeing could be supported as an onerous appraisal system would be an additional stress on an overstretched workforce.  The current BDA guidance on appraisal can be found here .
  • The CCHDS responded to the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) into Hospital Dental Services work stream.
  • The CCHDS has been, and continues to be, involved in discussions around the Northern Ireland DCT pay disparity. The committee has met with the Department of Health and written to the Minister of Health to try to address the issue. More recently, CCHDS member Peter Dyer wrote a blog on the topic following the results of a BDA survey on the impact of this pay disparity: DCT: Damning survey reveals impact of trainee pay disparity.
  • In 2021 the CCHDS was involved in the negotiations around the two new SAS contracts. More information about the negotiations is available on the BMA website and below.
  • In 2021 and 2022 the CCHDS has been involved with the BMA in Wales on the Junior Doctor talks. The CCHDS has a seat on the BMA reference group and will continue to be part of the process as the BMA enters formal negotiation.


New SAS contracts

In spring 2020 the BDA was pleased to announce that SAS members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new SAS contracts

The BMA held separate referendums in England and Wales and in both there was also an overwhelming majority in favour of the new contracts. As a result the new SAS contracts were introduced from 1 April in England and Wales. 

SAS dentists had the choice to move to one of the new contracts or remain on their old contracts if they wished. The window for expressions of interest closed on 30 September 2021. 


Consultant contract

The BMA agreed to enter into formal negotiations with NHS Employers in September 2013 on a new contract for consultants working in England and Northern Ireland. 

As of 2019 the negotiations have been suspended due to the BMA's protests over the government's implementation of the DDRB pay implementation. 

The BMA negotiates on behalf of those dentists employed on hospital medical terms and conditions, and the BDA had a seat on the BMA's contract reference group.

Review Body for Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration (DDRB)

In its annual report, the DDRB recommended a pay uplift of 4.5% for doctors and dentists. This uplift will not apply to dentists on the Junior Doctors Contract in England; they will instead receive a two percent uplift as a result of the multi-year pay deal tied into their contract.

The BDA's response to the DDRB's recommendations can be found here.

Meet the CCHDS members 2022 - 2024

The Committee consists of consultant members, staff and associate specialist members and trainee representatives all elected nationally.


CCHDS has close links with the British Medical Association (BMA), in particular the Consultants Committee (CC), The Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors Committee (SASC), Junior Doctors' Committee (JDC), and the Joint Medical Consultative Council (JMCC).


The BMA also provides employment advice on behalf of the BDA to members employed on hospital terms and conditions. 


The Committee also has an Executive, which consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair and one elected representative each from the Consultants, SAS and Trainee members.



Nadia Ahmed (Chair) - England

Sheridan McDonald (Vice Chair) - England

Amerjit Singh - England 

Nicky Stanford (Execuitve Sub-committee member) - England

Rob Bunyan - England

Aws Alani - England

Peter Dyer -  England

Jinesh Shah - England

Gerry McKenna - Northern Ireland

Manar Elkhazindar - Scotland

Staff and Associate Specialist grades 

Peter Brotherton - England

Julia Radecki - England

Jonathan Hoare - England

Julia Winterburn (Executive Sub-committee member) - England

Sarah Martin - England

John Ho-A-Yun - Scotland

Trainees (UK)

Sahar Aghababaie - England

Jenny Girdler - England

Shree Patel - England

James Scott - England

Tara Maroke - England

Vinay Chavda - England

Pavneet Chana - England

Nicola Holland (Executive Sub-committee member) - Northern Ireland

Christopher Wright - Scotland

Bethan Jones - Wales

Shaira Kassam - Wales

If you would like further information regarding the CCHDS please contact the Senior Policy Adviser for Employed Dentists, Stuart Abrahams (stuart.abrahams@bda.org), or the CCHDS Committee Secretary Eleanor Day (eleanor.day@bda.org).