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The BDA’s services for dental academic staff involve both group and committee activities.

In 2022, we launched a new committee for dental acadmeic staff: the Central Committee for University Dental Educators and Researchers (CCUDER). The new title reflects the modern workforce delivering research, teaching and clinical service provision across the UK. The new committee includes a wide range of individuals who are dedicated to improving the working lives of their colleagues. The Committee is concerned with all matters that affect university dental educators and researchers, and is a key part of the BDA's services for dental academic staff.


Our current work strands:

  • Ensuring pay parity with NHS colleagues
  • Providing evidence on dental academia to the Doctors and Dentists Review Body
  • Understanding clinical academic pensions
  • Understanding the dental academic workforce

CCUDER membership 

James Field (Chair) - Clinical Academic

Shalini Kanagasingam (Vice Chair) - Clinical Academic

Praveen Sharma - Clinical Academic

Victoria Mellish - Clinical Academic

Vishal Aggarwal - Clinical Academic

Petros Mylonas - Clinical Academic

Anwar Tappuni - Clinical Academic 

Abimbola Giwa - Clinical Academic

Ellie Heidari - Clinical Academic

Swati Nehete - Clinical Academic 

Wendy Thompson - Academic GDP 

Janine Yazdi-Doughty - Research dentist

Helen Mather - Academic Clinical Fellow

Ruby Long - Academic Clinical Fellow

Amaar Hassan - Non-academic dentist

VACANT - Non-academic dentist

VACANT - Non-academic dentist

Dental University Accredited Representatives

Dental school representatives are the BDA's reps for both trade union and professional activities in dental schools. They are legally accredited trade union representatives and can advise on pay and conditions of service matters.


More information


For more information please contact the Senior Policy Adviser for Employed Dentists, Stuart Abrahams (Stuart.Abrahams@bda.org), or the CCUDER secretary Eleanor Day (Eleanor.day@bda.org).