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Young dentists

The Young Dentists Committee represents dentists who have been qualified for up to 10 years. The Committee is made up of a variety of young dentists who bring an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to this group. The YDC champions the careers of younger dentists in terms of policy making, political lobbying, and improving the quality of working life for young dentists and their prospects for the future.

What does the Young Dentists Committee (YDC) do?

  • Considers the needs of young dentists during their career (Up to 10 years post-graduation from first dental degree)
  • Acts as a channel of communication within the BDA
  • Meets regularly and makes recommendations on behalf of young dentists
  • Identifies talent and provides continuity in the BDA.

What types o​​f issues does the YDC work on?

  • Supporting young dentists in their careers
  • Ensuring graduates can practice without fear and with confidence
  • Enhancing career development opportunities
  • Making sure dentists have access to high-quality education and training
  • Increasing the voice of young dentists on the decision-making bodies within dentistry
  • Stimulating innovation to drive dentistry forward so that it meets the changing demands and expectations of patients.

Find out more about our work focusing on young dentists issues in our blogs.

Who sits on the YDC?

The YDC is made up of 21 seats. Members are elected for a three-year period.


The current executive committee members are:

  • Nikki Patel - Chair
  • Vinay Chavda - Vice Chair
  • Rajdeep Singh Banga - Executive member
  • Jeremy Boyles - Executive member
  • Charles Pidgeon - Executive member

If you are interested in getting involved with our YDC, please email the Committee secretary, Tom King tom.king@bda.org


Meet the Young Dentists Committee

The current YDC committee members are:

Sahar Aghababaie
Sahar AghababaieSahar is an associate GDP in a mixed practice in North London and has recently done a DCT post in paediatrics in London. She has an interest in children's oral health and teaches alongside paediatric consultants at a hospital and does oral health promotion sessions at local nursery and primary schools. Since qualifying, she has played an active role in supporting dentists as Secretary of her local BDA section. Sahar also kindly gave up her time to star in our 'We are dentistry' video campaign, helping us to promote the many different roles dentist do, and presenting a positive face of the profession. Sahar wants the YDC to highlight the experiences of younger dentists and improve their working lives. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the ballet and travelling. 

Hamzah Ahmed
Hamzah AhmedHamzah splits his time working as a hospital dentist in Dundee and as an associate in general practice in Glasgow. He has previously worked as a dental core trainee in both England and Scotland. His interest in dental politics was spurred by the hospital junior doctors' contract dispute with the Government in 2015, and he is involved with the local BDA Dundee and Perth Section. In joining the YDC, he hopes to represent the voice of young dentists and ensure issues facing them, such as increasing stress, falling incomes and onerous bureaucracy, are tackled. He is an avid foodie and in his spare time, he enjoys travelling and watching rugby. 


Parnyan Ashtari (student cross-representative)

Parnyan Ashtari

Parnyan is a fourth year dental student at King's College London Dental Institute. She has been heavily involved with many dental committees during her time at university; inculding the BDA's Student Committee, the BDA's Education, Ethics and the Team Working Group working group, and the European Dental Student's Association. As part of the BDSA Executive Committee, she has played a pivotal role with her colleagues in representing and voicing the views of dental students across all the UK dental schools. These include matters ranging from curriculum, recruitment and students' well-being. Parnyan is very keen to feed in the opinions of dental undergraduates into the YDC and help champion their career prospects, quality of working life and representation post-graduation. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, volunteering in the local community and being outdoors.


Rajdeep Singh Banga
Raj is a foundation dentist at a large mixed practice in Derbyshire. He has been active in dental politics since dental school and is active in supporting his local community, as well as doing voluntary work overseas. Through the YDC, Raj hopes to support young dentists through the early stages of their careers through a variety of innovative ways, as well as helping to improve standards and career prospects. Outside of work, he enjoys to go to the gym, play various sports, reading and helping his community wherever possible.

Jeremy Boyles
Jeremy BoylesJeremy is a foundation dentist at a mixed practice in North Yorkshire and would like to specialise in restorative dentistry in the future. Jeremy is keen to get involved in helping to shape the future of the profession and speak up for his peers. He has led on a study on how student debt is affecting dental students and dentists' stress levels, which he presented at the International Association of Dental Research annual conference in San Francisco and published in the BDJ. Jeremy is keen to ensure younger dentists are supported at this crucial stage in their careers. In his spare time, he likes playing the drums, badminton, cricket and DIY. 



Natalie Bradley

Natalie Bradley

Natalie Bradley is an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur focusing on access to dentistry for vulnerable patients and is undertaking speciality training in Special Care Dentistry.  She has worked to develop her leadership and management skills by undertaking a clinical fellowship with the Chief Dental Officer and has done the Faculty and Medical Leadership Management Scheme. She has also held several other leadership roles including being an StR representative on the British Society of Gerodontology, on the Curation Team for TedxNHS, the Secretary for Sterling Dental Foundation and a Shift Leader for Crisis at Christmas Dental Service. Natalie is passionate about ensuring there are opportunities for career progression and flexible career paths for younger dentists and hopes to bring her experience and voice to help ensure they are represented. She enjoys sharing her experience and writes a blog called ‘A tooth germ’, with the aim to inspire and support other young dentists. 

Vinay Chavda
Vinay ChavdaVinay is a second-year dental core trainee in Birmingham. He has previously been involved on the BDA's Student Committee and former Treasurer of the BDSA. He is keen to ensure the BDA's membership offer is attractive to young dentists, and that it acts as a support network for young dentists locally. In his spare time, he likes trying new restaurants and describes himself as a 'foodie,' as well as meeting up with friends for a good social occasion.

 Alice Duke

 Alice Duke

Alice is currently undertaking her dental foundation training in Sussex. She has published articles on aspects of digital dentistry and cosmetic smile design in BDJ Student and BDJ in Practice. She believes postgraduate learning is vital for keeping up to date in dentistry, especially with the advance of new digital technologies. She wants younger dentists to be better represented in the profession and wants to mobilise dentists locally, as well as nationally. In her spare time, she enjoys running, tennis and keeping up to date with the BDJ! 

Lauren Harrhy
Lauren HarrhyLauren qualified in Cardiff and has always practiced dentistry in her native Wales and she now is the proud owner of a mixed practice in Pontypool. She is committed to improving dentistry in Wales and wants to motivate younger members of the profession to ensure standards are high and careers are satisfying. She set up a Facebook Group in 2017, 'Mental Dental – a group for dentists in crisis', in response to hearing the stresses and frustrations amongst dentists. The group provides a space for dentists to talk about issues they are facing (anonymously), share experiences, and provide support and encouragement from peers. She is a mum of three children under six and what little spare time she has she enjoys, walking, cooking, and singing.

Amaar Hassan
Amaar HassanAmaar has previously worked as a general dentist and as a maxfax dental core trainee, and is currently a community dental officer in Liverpool. He recently passed his PGcert in Clinical Education. Amaar has been interested in dental politics since dental school and in 2015, he spoke up on the consequences of the proposed pay cut for foundation dentists, which Government later backed down on. He is a former treasurer of the Liverpool University Dental Students Society. In his spare time, he likes good food and music, enjoying tasting foods from different cultures and regularly venturing out to watch live bands at gigs.

Hannan Imran
Hannan ImranHannan is currently a prosthodontic, oral surgery and general practice dental core trainee in Berkshire. He is passionate about furthering his education and knowledge, and in sharing his learning with others. He has passed the MFDS and was honoured to reach the final of the Dentistry Awards 2017, in the 'Best Young Dentist' category. He has recently completed a Certificate in Advanced Dental Leadership. During his foundation training, he was elected Foundation Trainee Representative for the Thames-Valley and Wessex Deanery. He is an active member of the BDA South West Young Dentist Group and the co-founder of the new South Mercia YDG. From his interest in sharing his knowledge, he has written several blogs for the BDA's website, to help support those starting out in foundation training. In his spare time, he likes to play cricket and very much into photography.

Mohammed Jaffer Ismail

Mohammed Jaffer IsmailMohammed Jaffer is a foundation dentist in North London. He plans to remain working in primary dental care and wants to represent his fellow young dentists, to ensure the dental contract is fit for purpose and provides career progression for dentists. He has an interest in dental public health and was awarded the Biological Sciences Prize and Dental Public Health Award from the University of Birmingham. Outside of dentistry, he enjoys swimming, traveling and reading. 

Ravinder Jhutie
Ravinder JhutieRavinder is a foundation dentist in Torquay. A graduate from the University of Birmingham, he won their Student Cup in his last year, voted for by fellow students. He is passionate about furthering his skills and experience and has volunteered, treating homeless patients in Birmingham. He feels strongly about the increasing pressures on dentists and stood for the YDC to help support younger professionals and enable positive change for the future. In his spare time, he enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu, reading as well as travelling.

Jay Joshi 

Jay works as the principal dentist in a mixed practice in Buckinghamshire, and teaches restorative dentistry at King's College London one day a week. He has a special interest in Aesthetic and Implant dentistry and has completed postgraduate training with the Eastman Dental Institute. His frustrations with the increasing pressures of bureaucracy and dental regulation led him to get involved in dental politics and stand up to make a difference. He is a member of the Local Dental Committee for Milton Keynes. In his spare time Jay enjoys playing football and following his favourite team, he is avid film lover and tries to get to the cinema as often as he can.


Katie McDonald-Meyer 

Katie McDonald-Meyer Katie McDonald-Meyer is working as a Restorative Dental Core Trainee at Glasgow Dental Hospital, having recently completed her DFT in North London. Since her student days, Katie has been involved with dental politics, holding the office of Vice-President and President of the Leeds DentSoc; the UK's official delegate on the European Dental Student’s Association; Secretary/Sports weekend organiser and President of the BDSA/BDA Student Committee, where she played a pivotal role representing and voicing the views of dental students across the UK, as well as initiating and setting up the annual charity week. Katie aims to continue to help improve the quality of working life for younger dentists and wants to take an active role in addressing the fear of litigation that many young dentists are reporting, as well as tackling the issue of stress within the profession. Apart from being a foodie, outside of dentistry, Katie enjoys travelling, pilates and challenging herself in the gym. 

Ahmad Nounu

Ahmad is a Prosthodontist who has travelled the world to perfect his restorative and orthodontic skills from the experts directly, and now dedicates a lot of his time to teaching and treating more complex cases and changing lives. He is the Practice Principal and Director of Black Swan Dental Spa, a private practice in Somerset, with a large team covering the main specialties of dentistry. Having initially helped with many national campaigns he was the main driving force behind launching the Young Dentist Group in the South West, and he has made it his personal mission to help nurture and guide younger dentists, with Black Swan itself also helping mentor young dentists, and help ensure we have a great and safe profession to work in. His previous roles with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry on a national level, as well as many large charity organisations in the past, have given him some excellent experience. In what little spare time he has, he enjoys spending time with his children, keeping fit and squeezing in a dinner or two, when the children allow it!

Ronan O'Flynn
Ronan is a community dentist, working in Manchester. He is a returning YDC member, serving during 2015-17 and a member of the the editorial committee of the Young Dentist enewsletter. He also served as the YDC representation on the BDA's Education, Ethics and the Dental Team Working Group. He is passionate about community dentistry and keen to ensure all those working in the community dental service have a voice in the BDA's direction and governance. In his spare time he enjoys catching up with family and friends and relaxing by listening to and playing music.

Nikki Patel
Nikki PatelNikki is Head of Evaluation of Digital Programmes, Digital Development & Delivery at NHS England. Alongside, she is a practising dentist and has previously worked as a general dentist and in both hospital and community settings. Nikki is a returning YDC member, serving during the 2015-17 term, and has recently helped advise the BDA's policy team on developments in digital dentistry. She is involved with the British Dental Editors and Writers Forum, and has written articles for dental publications on Generation Y and dentistry, portfolio careers and changes in the profession, as well as completing a Fellowship in Clinical Leadership. She is passionate about improving the working lives of younger dentists and the environment they are working in. In her spare time, she enjoys running and mountain climbing.

Charles Pidgeon

Charles PidgeonCharles qualified in 2014 from King's College London Dental Institute and currently works full-time as an associate dentist in mixed NHS and private practice in Exeter. He has always had a keen interest in dental politics, and during my time at dental school, he was on the Dental Society Committee for four years, serving as the President for one year.  He currently sit on the Exeter BDA Committee and also the Devon LDC.  He is very keen to ensure that young dentists feel more connected and involved with the profession as a whole rather than just seeing it as a "9 to 5 job." Outside of dentistry, he tries to lead a very active lifestyle and enjoys windsurfing and skiing.

Harriet Powell
Harriet PowellHarriet is in her second year as a maxfax dental core trainee in Birmingham. She has been a supporter and member of the BDA since dental school. In her role, she has experienced issues with knowledge and communication between primary and secondary care and wants to help improve this, for the benefit of both professionals and patients. She feels there is a lot of uncertainty around the future of NHS dentistry and wants to help ensure young dentists have viable and attractive career paths for the future. When not at work, she likes to be active: walking her dog, skiing, tennis, and running. She also enjoys singing and travelling.

Sami Stagnell
Sami StagnellSami is a Specialist in Oral Surgery and currently runs oral surgery services across the South Coast. He has worked throughout primary and secondary care as well as an Honorary Clinical Teacher and one of the first Fellows in Clinical Leadership with HEE. He is an active member of many societies, and is a returning YDC member, having served as Vice-Chair during the 2015-17 term of office. He is passionate about representing the interests of young dentists, to ensure the profession develop and improves. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his young family, cycling, Crossfit and skiing. 

Patrick Stewart
Patrick StewartPatrick is an associate dentist at a mixed practice in Aldershot. Whilst at University, he was involved with the Dental Students Society, the British Dental Students Association and the European Dental Students Association. He feels dentistry is a fast-changing field, and there is a lot of information being thrown at young dentists, which needs to be broken down to help them keep up to date and succeed in their careers. In his free time, he enjoys getting outdoors and relaxing.



Getting involved: what can you do?

To get involved, the best place to start is in your local area. BDA Branches and Sections​ are a great place to meet other dentists and they offer clinical lectures, social events and other meetings. 

They offer opportunities to network with other practitioners in your local area and become more involved in and obtain a greater understanding of the issues in your area.

They are a great place to meet like-minded peers, as well as discovering potential mentors or future employers.

Young Dentist Groups

Some branches have specific Young Dentist Groups (YDGs). These groups are run by young dentists and are aimed at bringing younger members together in the local area for social events, clinical lectures and more.

Why not contact your local branch or young dentist group to get involved locally?

Developing your skills

Have a look at our range of advice videos, including experiences from different careers and fields of dentistry, and tips for furthering your career.

Got any feedback?

We'd love to hear your views, issues and any comments on how the BDA can support you as a young dentist, please email Tom King tom.king@bda.org.​