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Scottish Public Dental Service Committee

Subject to the authority of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, the Scottish Public Dental Service Committee (SPDSC) represents the interests and acts on behalf of dentists working in the NHS Primary Care Public Dental Service (PDS) in Scotland. 

​​What does ​Scottish Public Dental Service Committee (SPDSC) do?

​​SPDSC will consider and address all matters arising under Scottish Government health legislation, including amendments, extensions or consolidations affecting dentists employed in the NHS Primary Care PDS in Scotland, excluding those employed on hospital medical and dental conditions of service. 


SPDSC Policy Document

SPDSC Policy Document - June 2019


Member updates

BDA Scotland – NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Meeting

BDA Scotland staff and the Chair of SPDSC will meet with Dr David Felix, Postgraduate Dental Dean and Director of Dentistry NES, on 2 September 2019 to discuss training for PDS dentists in Scotland.


Domiciliary Care: Memorandum to NHS: PCA(D)(2019)9

The memorandum advises of the new arrangements being introduced for the provision of enhanced skills in domiciliary care by domiciliary care dentists to care home residents. 
PCA(D)(2019)9 - Dentists with Enhanced Skills in Domiciliary Care - Memorandum - 27 June 2019


SPDSC meeting: June 2019

The Scottish Public Dental Service Committee (SPDSC) met on 25 June. The main issues discussed included: the lengthy delay in recruiting a new Chief Dental Officer; mentoring by PDS dentists of 'accredited' general dental practitioners to deliver care in care homes; the review of PDS management structures in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Lothian; waiting times for paediatric extractions under general anaesthetic in certain NHS Boards; latest progress in resolving long-standing issues associated with '7000' codes used to measure PDS activity; and bespoke training opportunities for PDS dentists.

Members also discussed concerns about the future role of the PDS given the continued reductions in workforce and budgets. BDA Scotland will contact the Director of Dentistry in each NHS Board to assess local plans for PDS provision, and will discuss these findings with the Scottish Government in due course.

The next SPDSC meeting will be on 17 September 2019.


Concerns about the future of the PDS in Scotland

On 5 March 2019, BDA Scotland published a blog setting out a range of concerns about the future of the Public Dental Service (PDS) in Scotland. These included continued funding cuts, and workforce issues – there had been overall a reduction of 16.3% in PDS posts between 2013/14 and 2017/18 – or one in six – with the largest decrease (6.1%) between 2016/17 to 2017/18. This will inevitably have major impacts on patient care, including fewer patient appointments and longer waiting times to see a dentist, and more travel time for patients to access PDS services. The PDS also has concerns about Scottish Government plans allow 'accredited' GDPs to provide care for people in care homes. This role is currently filled by PDS dentists – and it is unclear what role the service will play in the future.


BDA Scotland has issued a survey to NHS Boards.  The aim is to gather information on a number of issues to assess Boards plans for the PDS in their local area. 


NHS Pay Circular: 2018-19

NHS Pay Circular PCS(DD)2018/2 issued by Scottish Government on 5 September 2018 detailing the changes in the pay and national terms of service of all NHS employed staff.
PCS(DD)2018(2) NHS MD Pay Circular-2018-19


SPDSC Representatives

The SPDSC representatives for 2018-2020 are:


Representatives nominated by the Scottish Association of Clinical Dental Directors

Dawn Adams, Fife

Peter Ommer, Ayrshire & Arran


PDS Representatives
Graham Douglas Smith (Chair)

Kate Wiseman (Vice-Chair)

Philip McCallum

Andrea Walker

Claire Livingstone

Andrew Mulford


Consultant in Dental Public Health
Albert Yeung


AR Representative
Kath McKinnon


Scottish Division of the CDS Group
Vacant seat

PEC Representatives
Mick Armstrong, Chair of the PEC

Eddie Crouch, Vice-Chair of the PEC



Meeting Date 2019

  • Tuesday 17 September 2019 at the BDA Scotland office


Get in touch

For more information, please get in touch with the committee Secretary Elaine Bruce.