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Principal Executive Committee

The BDA has just one decision making body: the Principal Executive Committee, usually referred to as the PEC. It is the statutory board of Directors for the purposes of company law, and the Principal Executive Committee for the purposes of trade union law (unusually, but in common with organisations such as the British Medical Association, the BDA is both a company and a trade union).

In these capacities the PEC agrees the strategy, policy and business operational plans for the Association, and holds the Chief Executive and his staff to account for their implementation.


The PEC receives advice and opinion from advisory committees to help it in its role, and these are either focussed on constituent parts of the profession (the elected craft committees such as the General Dental Practice Committee) or subject areas (advisory committees directly appointed by the PEC with a specific remit, such as the Health and Science Committee). The views of members are represented by the country councils, and the craft committees.


The PEC is made up of 15 members:


  • nine members elected from English regions
  • one member elected from Northern Ireland
  • one member elected from Scotland
  • one member elected from Wales
  • three members elected on a UK wide basis

Each member serves for three years, but the three year terms are staggered so that a different cohort of five members is subject to re lection each year. Each yearly cohort must contain a member elected UK Wide and one member elected from one of the countries of the UK outside England.


A three-year strategy

The board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Asssocation in line with the mission, vision and values. Our emphasis is upon engagement, accessibility, relevance and value. These are the cornerstones upon which our strategic themes are framed to allow the Association to become more highly-valued and relevant to modern dentists.