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​BDA elections: What can I stand for? 

Representatives who sit on our Committees, Country Councils and Principal Executive Committee help determine the direction of the BDA, and support us to lobby on the issues that matter to dentistry. 


See our guide to constiuencies, to help you decide what seat to stand for.


BDA Committees and Country Councils

You can represent your peers either by you field of practice and/or the UK country you are working in on one of the BDA’s 14 ‘Craft’ committees​.

Most committees are open to both members and non-members and tend to be based on local or job role constituencies.


UK-wide representative committees

  • Six of our Committees represent UK-wide issues:

  • Armed Forces Committee

  • Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff

  • Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services

  • Dental Public Health Committee

  • General Dental Practice Committee​ (represents all general dentists, not just NHS)

  • Young Dentists Committee (within 10 years of BDS qualification, BDA members-only

Representation by county

The rest of our Committees are organised by representation depending on the country you are working in:


  • Northern Ireland: the Northern Ireland Council, the Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee and the Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee. Find out what the Northern Ireland Council and Committees do.

  • Scotland: the Scottish Council, the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, the Scottish Committee for Hospital Dental Services and the Scottish Salaried Dentists Committee. Find out what the Scottish Committees and Council do.

  • Wales: the Welsh Council, the Welsh General Dental Practice Committee and the Welsh Committee for Community Dentistry. Find out what the Welsh Council and Committees do.

Standing for the BDA's Board: Principal Executive Committee

Five seats are also up for election for the BDA's Principal Executive Committee, effectively our Executive Board, which sets our policy and strategic direction.

This year, seats will be up for election in the Eastern region, the North West, Wales, the West Midlands, and one UK-wide seat.


Listen to our Q&A on standing for PEC elections:


Find out more about the PEC.


Any questions?

If you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch with our Elections team