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​Improving oral health for all in Wales: our manifesto

We are calling on prospective Assembly Members for the May 2016 Welsh Government elections to pledge their support for our five-point plan to improve oral health in Wales.


Dentists are encouraged to get involved and highlight to their local candidates standing the challenges that dentistry faces in Wales.

Health and social care will be a key battleground for debate in the run up to the Welsh Government elections in May this year: your voice as a dentist working on the frontline can make a difference.

Dentistry has a key role to play in health and care and elections are an ideal time for BDA members to make the case for dentistry to the people who would like to represent you politically.

Chair of the Wales General Dental Practice Committee, Katrina Clarke talks about the shocking evidence of children’s tooth decay in Wales and what needs to happen to fix it:



Five pledges to deliver better oral health in Wales

  1. Invest more in children's oral health: In areas of deprivation the innovative prevention programme Designed to Smile should be made compulsory, and extended to nurseries for children under 3 years of age, funded by the sugar levy.
  2. Make dental charges affordable: We welcome the freeze on NHS patient charges and calls for further fiscal measures to help the 388,000 who cannot afford to visit their dentist.
  3. Advance the Health Boards: We support the OECD's finding that the Welsh Government needs more concrete levers for delivery - Health Boards must spend their full funds for primary dental care.
  4. Progress dental regulation: Regulation of dentists must be proportionate and appropriate for patient safety. We call on the Welsh Assembly to ensure regulations are progressive.
  5. Plan for the future: We call for a truly prevention based contract, alongside evidence-based workforce planning with incentives to encourage the best dentists to train and work in Wales.

More information on the Five pledges

What can you do?

As a BDA member, you can play an active part in promoting your profession and finding out what your candidates think about the issues that are important to dentistry.


Please get in touch with your local candidates to explain to them the need for better oral health in Wales.


Contact with election candidates can also be made through correspondence or in person.


Top tips for getting your voice heard

  • Know who you candidates are: don't assume your current Assembly Member might be returned. Please contact the BDA Wales office if you want to know who your candidates are and we can provide details

  • Use our manifesto: highlight our five key points to your candidates and explain what it means for you, and your patients in your particular area. Print it out and keep it by your front door to reference when candidates come calling.

  • Ask: if a candidate knocks on your door, challenge them to commit to at least one of the manifesto's priorities. If you attend a public meeting and your candidate is there, ask a question that makes them express their views on oral health and dentistry.

  • Tell us: we'd love to hear how you get on, please get in touch and tell us who you have spoken to and their response, it may help us to do collective lobbying and influencing following the election.

Contact us

BDA Wales is on-hand to provide you with comprehensive support, advice, and practical guidance. 

If you have any questions about engaging with your local candidates, or if you need any further briefings, please get in touch with us: contact Caroline Seddon or telephone 029 2043 6181.



Improving oral health for all in Wales: our manifesto

Gwella iechyd y geg i bawb - Cymru 2016 (Improving oral health for all in Wales - Welsh version)