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​​Improving oral health in Northern Ireland 



This is our vision to improve the oral health of people in Northern Ireland. 


Our five-point plan for better oral health in Northern Ireland​:

  1. Deliver a new oral health strategy: Northern Ireland has the worst oral health inequalities in the UK. The ten-year old oral health strategy needs an urgent update.

  2. Real action on sugar: sugar is fuelling an avoidable epidemic of decay. It is time for real action on the marketing, education and taxation of sugary drinks and snacks.
  3. Efficient and effective regulation: dental regulation is costly, time-consuming, and unfocused; patients and dentists deserve better. We call on the Assembly to review the current regulations.
  4. Cut red tape: dentists are bogged down with bureaucracy that doesn't benefit patients and causes huge delays. It's time the Assembly eased the restrictions on treatment that have been in place since 2003.
  5. Plan for the future: with ever-growing demand, let's ensure Northern Ireland is training the dental professionals needed. It's time for dedicated workforce planning and contracts that are fit for the future.​


What is the BDA doing?

BDA Norther​n Ireland regularly meets with Government to lobby and raise awareness of the issues facing dentists in Northern Ireland and the impact on their patients. 


Prior to the Assembly elections in May 2016, we outlined our manifesto for improving oral health in Northern Ireland and supported dentists to lobby their prospective Assembly Members on our five-point plan.​


Keeping up-to-date

To keep up to date with our progress:

About the BDA Northern Ireland 

Through policy and campaigning work, the BDA is able to ensure that the concerns of all sections of the profession are raised and that dentists' voices are heard at a national level. Join us.​