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Improving oral health in Scotland

Our vision for improving oral health in Scotland.

We continue to call on Government to make significant investments in dentistry in order to serve the oral health needs of the population and also to ensure a high performing, sustainable dental workforce.

We want:



Oral health inequalities to be tackled: Childsmile has already delivered huge improvements to the oral health of under-fives. Let's build on that success, by extending the programme to 5-12 year olds.


The funding shortfall to be addressed: NHS dentistry is struggling to keep up with demand. Let's build a more transparent payment system so patients can make informed choices and have options to supplement NHS care.


To improve the oral health of the elderly: Increasingly older Scots have complex and often unmet needs. Let's get patients in nursing homes registered with a GDP so we can ensure they get the dedicated care they need.


Action on oral cancer: Oral cancer is on the rise in Scotland. Let's raise awareness of this disease, and ensure dentists can turn the tide through prevention and diagnosis.


Effective oral health for all: Tooth decay is almost always preventable. Let's put cost-effective measures like action on sugar and targeted fluoridation at the heart of Scotland's approach to improving health.


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Campaigning for better oral health

When it comes to oral health, we believe in prevention first: tooth decay is an avoidable disease and we are campaigning for Government's to take this problem seriously, to act now and invest in real prevention.

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