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Public health

Public Health

The following pages include BDA policy activity around public health issues and the public health workforce. There are a wide range of clinical topic areas such as tobacco, older people, homelessness, infective endocarditis and bisphosphonates among others. This section also includes work by the BDA to protect the dental public health workforce.

Workforce update (July 2013)

Long-overdue confirmation that gaps in the CDPH workforce are to be filled has been given a cautious welcome by the BDA.
A letter from Public Health England to BDA Dental Public Health Committee Chair Christopher Allen this week confirmed that 4.5 permanent posts and 4.4 12-month contract posts previously frozen by PHE are now to be recruited. Those recruitments will reduce the inequity in the distribution of England’s CDPH workforce for the immediate year, although the longer-term future of the posts recruited as 12-month contracts remains uncertain.
The recruitments follow years-long BDA lobbying stressing the importance of ensuring the expertise of CDPHs is available in all areas. The BDA campaign ran during the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill and has continued since it was passed. In May 2013, Dr Allen wrote to Public Health England reiterating the importance of advertising the posts and warning a failure to do so could jeopardise a Government commitment to improve child oral health.
The BDA has written to Public Health England to request that these vacancies are advertised as soon as practicable.

Workforce update (February 2013)

After several months of tough negotiations, we are pleased to report that Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed that consultants in dental public health (CsDPH) will retain NHS terms and conditions and that all those appointed to consultant posts in future will have access to the NHS package. Alongside this, funding for several ‘frozen’ posts around the country has been released, ensuring appropriate dental public health coverage across England.
As a result of these changes, the BDA has formalised arrangements for the dental public health workforce and has created a central committee for dental public health, which will be elected in autumn 2013. The committee, which will represent consultants, trainees and academics, will have a UK-wide remit. More details on elections will be made available in due course.
PHE, a civil service organisation, assumes its responsibilities on 1 April 2013. Arrangements for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales remain unchanged.
Please contact Rachel Noble for further information.

Workforce update (September 2012)

The BDA and its Dental Public Health Committee continues to work with Public Health England (PHE) on issues affecting the transfer of the dental public health workforce to its new employer. Although PHE has not yet arrived at a final offer on terms and conditions, the organisation has been established as a civil service body. The BDA is participating in negotiations to determine the final package and we believe strongly that Consultants in Dental Public Health maintain their NHS terms and conditions, rather than transferring to civil service terms.
Alongside this, the BDA is a member of the Public Health Taskforce, which meets regularly to discuss issues affecting all aspects of public health raised in the transfer. 

New Public Health staff workforce survey (27 June 2012)

To support the BDA’s lobbying activity on the transfer of service to Public Health England (PHE), we are conducting a short workforce survey to ascertain current staffing levels in PCTs across England. This information will be submitted to PHE, and the BDA will continue to push for the sensible transfer of staff to avoid further fragmentation of our service.
The surveyis available online and returns should be submitted by 9 July 2012.