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Work-related stress among dentists in the UK

In 2013-14, the BDA engaged in a programme of research to investigate work-related stress and the factors that put dentists at risk of such stress. The findings from this research can be accessed from these pages.

Work-related stress among community dentists

In 2013, the BDA conducted a national survey of BDA members to identify levels and sources of work-related stress among community dentists. The findings from this research can be accessed here.

In 2014, the BDA undertook an investigation of community dentists' psychosocial working conditions and sought to identify those aspects of their work that put them at high risk of stress at work. Click here to access the findings from this research.

Work-related stress among general dental practitioners

In 2014, the BDA carried out research to estimate levels of high job stress among general dental practitioners and sought to identify the main sources of work-related stress in their work.

Further information on work-related stress

The BDA has compiled an information and resource page on work-related stress which BDA members can access here.

For more information about BDA research activity in this area, please contact the BDA Research Team at