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DDRB 2011-12

The BDA and Department of Health's submissions of evidence to the DDRB for 2011/12 are available to download below. For a summary of previous awards, or to download previous evidence and reports use the navigation to the left of the screen.

The Department of Health announced their decision on the pay uplift in England for 2011/12 on Thursday 28 April 2011.

The key points of the announcement are:

  • An increase in general dental practitioner's contract values in England of 0.5%, backdated to April 1
  • Four per cent efficiency gain to be achieved through the universal application of the guidelines for best practice in preventive dentistry for children, as set out in the Deliverin Better Oral Health Toolkit
  • This uplift applies to England only

The official announcement and a message to members from the BDA can be found below.  



2011-12 Annex 2 Focus         Groups (223.16 KB)2011-12 Annex 3 Business         Trends England (234.7 KB)
2011-12 Annex 4 VDP         survey (194.92 KB)2011-12 Annex 5 Clinical             Directors survey (4.15 MB)
2011-12 Annex 6 Salaried         recruitment (39.1 KB)2011-12 Annex 7 Salaried         morale (881.3 KB)
2011-12 BDA Evidence for         England (622.25 KB)2011-12 DH Evidence         (499.33 KB)
Contract value uplift               2011-2012 (81.2 KB)
Message to members         contract uplift 2011-2012            (68.44 KB)2011-12 BDA Expenses         England (361.81 KB)