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DDRB 2013-14

Contract uplift announced

The Department of Health has announced that general dental contracts in England will be subject to a 1.5 per cent uplift from April 2013. This comes as the Treasury continues to demand four per cent efficiencies in the NHS for a third year. In line with the last two years, the uplift is designed to provide 0.5 per cent uplift to meet the Department’s calculation of the average rise in expenses, but is also intended to supply a one per cent pay uplift in line with the rest of the public sector.

In order to meet Treasury demands for efficiencies, the Department of Health also intends to improve the appropriateness of referrals within primary care and to acute care, standardise contract reconciliation at the end of the 2013/14 year, and freeze the VT salary. This takes place against a backdrop of centralised contract management, as well as preparing for a new contract and continuous increases in computerisation.

The Department of Health’s announcement can be found on their website.

The DDRB’s 41st report can be downloaded from their website. 

The BDA's submission  to the DDRB for 2013/14 is available to download below. The BDA submission covered the whole UK and provided information on morale, motivation, recruitment and retention for both general dental practitioners and salaried dentists.

Although the submission to DDRB covered the whole UK, we have produced individual country reports are also available to download. The individual reports were not submitted to DDRB and are for reference only. For a summary of previous awards, or to download previous evidence and reports, use the navigation to the left of the screen.



2013-14 BDA Evidence         England (957.08 KB)2013-14 BDA Evidence         Northern Ireland (934.31 KB)
2013-14 BDA Evidence         Scotland (838.85 KB)2013-14 BDA Evidence UK         (1.43 MB)
2013-14 BDA Evidence         Wales (915.39 KB)Scotland Expenses         Evidence 2012 (305.45 KB)