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​Member survey 

Last summer we launched the largest membership engagement programme in our history. Thousands responded.

Why did we do this​?

To know our members’ views on how we’re doing and where we can do more. 

To know where our members stood on the big issues facing this profession.

What we learnt

Members told us they are satisfied, but the answers helped us to focus our efforts where it's needed.

Some of the areas we plan to focus more on include:

  • Pensions 
  • Pricing
  • Policy.

What have we done so far?

General Election: your responses have directly shaped the arguments we put to every party. Members told us regulation is their number one priority. We’ve made your case directly to ministers and opposition parties, and we were pleased to see the current government pledge to act on healthcare regulation in their manifesto. The election results have brought new uncertainties, but we will continue to work with our members and fight on all these fronts to secure progress.

​Tackling the big issues

​1. Regulation: you told us regulation was your number one policy priority. 

We’ve made it one of our strategic objectives. We continue to lobby the GDC and government and developed a comprehensive response to Shifting the Balance, based on what you told us.

2. Stress: this was your number two priority. We've included tackling stress and mental wellbeing in our strategy. We have undertaken a year-long research project with members to identify the causes of stress and what can be done to help. We will focus on the changes we can push for to tackle root causes, and are developing on-line tools to help dentists under stress.

3. Corporates: you told us that you saw the growth of corporates as a big threat to dentistry. A research project to investigate the impact of corporates was undertaken and we are developing a new strategy on the back of that research.

Providing the advice and support you need 

Pensions: you told us that you wanted advice on pensions. We’ve increased staffing numbers in our pensions team. We will be getting out to meet more members and run events too. 

Offering more for Essential members: you told us that you wanted us to expand what we offer around advice and education. So we’re now offering iLearn webcasts to Essential members and free access to mediation services. We are looking at what we can do in future to expand online advice services.

Opening up membership 

Reducing costs: some members told us that cost was an issue, particularly during the early career stages. We’ve listened and introduced tiered, lower rates during the early years post-graduation. 

Supporting the Dental Team: you told us that we should look seriously at extending BDA membership to other dental professionals. We’re working on launching a subscription under BDJ Team to allow DCPs working with higher tier members to access key BDA educational products and services, including the library and the BDJ itself.

Building the dental community

Branches and Sections: you’ve told us how important being part of the profession is to you, and the value you place in BDA social and education events. We’re taking a fresh look at how we support our BDA Branches and Sections and will make investments to enhance your experience. 

BDJ: you told us how important BDJ titles are to your membership. We’ve put in extra resource to make them even better and keep it the number one dental journal in the world. We’ve put a lot of work into developing BDJ Open and our new online jobs platform BDJ Jobs.