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​​Welsh Council Constitution


 To provide regular advice and comment to the Principal Executive Committee as a consultative committee.

To consider and advise the Principal Executive Committee on all matters relating to dentistry within Wales. 

To advise the Principal Executive Commit​​tee on all aspects of policy within Wales, facilitating external expert and member input to policy formation where required.

To receive regular reports from the Principal Executive Committee to enable it to  debate and comment  on the activities of the Principal Executive Committee without prejudice to the rights of the membership as a whole.

To liaise with branches and sections.


Voting Members

One member elected by each Section in Wales;

- Cardiff.

- North Wales.

- Swansea & South Wales.

Elected members from Wales serving on the;

- General Dental Practice Committee.

- Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services.

- Salaried Dentists Committee.

- Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff.


Non-voting Members

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Principal Executive Committee; the member from Wales serving on the Principal Executive Committee


Quorum: Seven Voting Members​