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Dental Academic Staff Group

University Dental Teachers are:

  • Clinical academic staff who are university employees holding an NHS honorary contract 

  • They educate and train dentists and contribute to continuing education and specialist training 

  • They deliver a clinical service in the primary sector, through their students and in the secondary and tertiary care settings. Some specialist services are only provided by university dental staff 

  • They undertake research in the area of health care, so contributing to the future health of the nation

The Group aims:

  • To encourage and serve the educational, scientific, clinical and social interests of members of the dental profession in university service and in research

  • To offer funding to learned societies, groups, individuals and others who provide educational, social and other activities which benefit members of the Group

  • To provide the BDA's representation on the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE)

  • To support the Dentsply student clinician programme, judged each year at the BDA's Annual Conference


The President and Chair is Dr Paul Wright, Barts and London.  

Dr Paul Wright can be contacted through the Group Secretary Caroline Drummond


The BDA's Dental Academic Staff Groups receives applications from learned societies, groups and individuals for funding to help finance meetings, lectures, special training courses and other activities. 


Guidance for Funding          (19.07 KB)DASG Meeting expense         claim form (10.73 KB)