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Accredited Representatives Handbook


The index below illustrates the issue specific downloads that are contained within the overall ARs handbook. The handbook has been segmented to enable you to download specific topic advice rather than having to search the entire handbook.

Section 1 – General

Welcome letter from Peter Ward
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Role of an Accredited Representative
1.3 Contacting the Policy Directorate and IRO Team
1.4 Regional AR Chairs
1.5 Personal Expenses

Section 2 - General Governance Issues

2.1 The BDA Mission Statement
2.2 BDA Code of Conduct
2.3 Data Protection Act
2.4 BDA Complaints Procedure
2.5 Equal Opportunities Policy
2.6 Health and Safety
Appendix 1 Code of Conduct
Appendix 2 Complaints Process
Appendix 3 Regional Health and Safety Coordinators Contact Details
Appendix 4 Useful Numbers 

Section 3 – Representation

3.1 AR Representation (Maintaining High Professional Standards)
3.2 NHS Disciplinary Proceedings
3.3 Record Keeping Pro forma
3.4 The political process
3.5 BDA Committee Guide
3.6 Committee map
3.7 Getting Involved
Appendix 5 Dental Whitley/Salaried Primary Dental Care Service (SPDCS) Summary Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Service

Section 4 – Trade Union Information & Advice Sheets

4.1 The need for BDA Recognition
4.2 The role of an Industrial Relations Officer (IRO)  
4.3 ACAS Time off for Trade Union Activities
4.4 National Task Force on Violence against Social Care Staff
4.5 Employee Checklist
4.6 Advice Sheets;
REP 01 Role of the SPDCS BDA Accredited Representative
REP 02 The Accredited Representative network
REP 03 Relations with other trade unions and local negotiations
REP 04 Paternity, adoption and parental leave
REP 05 The right to request flexible working
REP 06 Bank holidays, annual leave and part time working
REP 07 Policy on handling complaints and grievance
REP 08 Maternity Leave
REP 09 BDA or Protection Society
REP 10  Time off for Trade Union Duties
REP 11 What is TUPE
REP 12 Recruitment
REP 13 Appraisals
REP 14 Job Planning 
REP 15 Training Budget
REP 16 Performance Increments

Section 5 – Trust Policies and Reports

This section can be used to store your local trust policies and reports issued from various BDA committees

Section 6 – AR Recruitment, Meetings and Conference

6.1 Guide to Running Successful AR meetings
6.2 Health and Safety information for AR Regional Meetings
6.3 Keeping in touch with your members
6.4 Recruitment and Election Process
6.5 Conference Guide
6.5 Conference Constitution
Appendix 7 Chairs Guide
Appendix 8 Guidelines for the Election of ARs

Section 7 – Templates

7.1 Use of templates
7.2 List of templates

Action Sheet template
Agenda template
AR Meeting Minute template
Meeting Register
BDA AR Date Protection Consent form
Change of Details form
Useful Contact Names and Numbers
Health and Safety Risk Assessment form

Section 8 – A Background to the BDA

8.1 Membership benefits
8.2 What the BDA offers
8.3 Dental acronyms
8.4 Contact List for BDA staff

Section 9 - Further AR Training

9.1 This section can be used to store information from further ARs training events and briefings.