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Grade and Banding


Competencies are an entirely new feature in the new Salaried Primary Dental Care Service (SPDCS) contract which define the three new pay bands. The competencies have been designed to give the SPDCS a set of basic core skills that would be expected for the whole clinical workforce at each of the main grades. The competencies are laid out in groups of ‘frameworks’ covering core skills and the level of ability relevant for the grade. It is not required for each dentist to meet every competency, simply the ones relevant to their job.


  • Bands A and B each have a defined basic core competency (the "gateway competency") that must be achieved in order to progress further up each pay spine.
  • Band C Managers have service complexity levels that relate to the competencies for their grade. 

If you have a grade or banding query the downloadable documents below may help to resolve any queries in the first instance.  If further advice is required please contact a member of the Employment Relations Team on 020 75634582 or