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Getting Involved with BDA committees

The BDA is a democratic organisation: policy decisions are taken by committees elected by dentists acting on behalf of dentists.

The BDA’s committees serve two important functions

  • They provide the link between the BDA’s 23,000 members and the decisions taken on their behalf.
  • They bring expertise to these decision-making processes, based on experience from front-line patient care.

Committee meetings provide the opportunity to integrate this experience and expertise into the BDA’s day-to-day operations.  All GDPs are eligible to stand for election to the General Dental Practice Committee. There is also no requirement of holding an NHS contract, wholly private practitioners are welcome, but registration is required at the email address below.

There are other committees for all sections of the profession, including those that represent the views of particular groups of dentists: academics, hospital, armed forces and salaried primary dental care.  Further information can be found on the Triennial elections page in the left hand menu.

Another group of committees are the expert advisory committees, the membership of which is often drawn from the other committees or appointments made on the basis of expertise and specific competencies. These are to consider specific topics, such as education or ethics. These types of committees can also be formed on an ad hoc basis to consider specific issues or projects that may arise.