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Section 4 Trade Union Information and Advice Sheets

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cf-law-v14.1 The need for BDA Recognition
4.2 The role of the IRO
4.3 ACAS Time off for Trade Union Activities
4.4 National Task Force on Violence against Social Care Staff
4.5 Employee Checklist
4.6 Advice Sheets;

REP 01 Role of the SPDCS BDA Accredited Representative
REP 02 The Accredited Representative Net work
REP 03 Relations with other trade unions and local negotiations
REP 04 Paternity, adoption and parental leave
REP 05 The right to request flexible working
REP 06 Bank holidays, annual leave and part time working
REP 07 Policy on handling complaints and grievance
REP 08 Maternity Leave
REP 09 BDA or Protection Society
REP 10 Time off for Trade Union Duties
REP 11 What is TUPE
REP 12 Recruitment
REP 13 Appraisals
REP 14 Job Planning
REP 15 Training Budget 
REP 16 Performance Increments



4.1 The need for BDA         Recognition (26.99 KB)4.2 The role of the IRO         (28.93 KB)
4.3 ACAS Time off for         Trade Union Activities         (198.35 KB)
4.4 National Task Force on         Violence against Social Care         Staff (52.54 KB)REP 1 Role of the         Accredited Rep (91.71 KB)
REP 2 Accredited Reps         Network (83.7 KB)
REP 3 Relations with other         Unions and local         negotiations (93.48 KB)REP 4 Paternity Adoption         and parental leave              (96.23 KB)
REP 5 Right to request         flexible working (96.58 KB)REP 6 Bank holidays and         part-time workers              (111.06 KB)
REP 7 Grievances and         complaints (98.45 KB).pdfREP 8 Maternity leave and         pay (169.29 KB)
REP 9 BDA or Protection         Society (81.83 KB)REP 10 Time off for trade         union duties (116.18 KB)
REP 11 What is TUPE         (101.36 KB)REP 12 BDA Recruitment         (97.66 KB)
REP 13 Appraisal                (176.39 KB)REP 14 Job planning         (171.09 KB)
REP 18 Training Budget         advice sheet (223.8 KB)REP 16 Performance         Based Increments             (132.92 KB)