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Branch: South Wales









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South Wales Branch covers the counties of:

  • Glamorgan
  • Dyfed 
  • Gwent
  • parts of Powys

There are two sections within this branch: Cardiff and Swansea and West Wales.

You can contact the Branch secretary John Perry here

South Wales Branch also have a Facebook ​page and use Eventbrite for easy meeting bookings. 

Although some parts of Wales are linked to the West Lancashire, West Cheshire & North Wales Branch, all members living in Wales are more than welcome to attend any of the main Branch or Section meetings



​"Meeting up with and talking to other like-minded dentists at BDA events is the best CPD in the world."

Pam Norman, President




"Joining the BDA gives you compound interest! You put in a little effort and it grows so much by collective effort to give you amazing returns."

Akhila Muthukrishnan, Immediate Past President



​"I want the South Wales area to be more active. With everything that is happening, it's more important to have people united.

"The more members we have, the more we can influence decisions and be a strong union."

Behrooz Khoshooee, Honorary Treasurer



"​Being an active BDA member is the easiest and most effective way to learn, keep up to date and maintain enthusiasm in your clinical practice."

John Perry, Honorary Secretary

If you have a particular query regarding membership, advice and guidance please call the BDA directly on 020 7935 0875.