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Forms for officers claiming expenses from the BDA

The following meeting expense forms should be used when claiming meeting expenses from the BDA. They can be accessed in PDF or Microsoft Excel formats, or in paper format from the BDA Finance Department. The forms may be completed electronically or manually but must always then be printed off and signed by the claimant, prior to being sent to the BDA Finance Department.  All forms should be submitted within 28 days of the return journey.

List of committee codes

Also included in the downloads below is a list of committee codes.  When completing forms, the name of the committee and (if possible) the committee code should be recorded on the form. If you are attending a meeting as a cross representative or on behalf of another committee your expenses should be charged to the meeting you are actually attending.


Guidance notes should also be read prior to completing a form for the first time. The standard, summarised guidance applies to most committee members who claim set allowances from the BDA for subsistence and accommodation. 

If you have any queries regarding the new forms please contact your committee secretary or Bina Varkey.

Forms and guidance documents are available to download below



Members Expenses.xlsx
Member Expenses Policy.pdf