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LDC representation to GDPC

It is important that the General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) and individual Local Dental Committees are well connected in terms of information sharing and common purpose.

To support this information sharing and joint-working, the BDA hosts meetings of the LDC regional representatives and the GDPC Executive every four months; the 'GDPC - LDC Liaison Group'. These meetings take place at the BDA in London and are an opportunity for GDPC members to sound-out LDC representatives on their intended course of action and the work already underway.

To get in touch with your regional representative, or to request items for discussion at these meetings, contact your regional representative. To identify your regional representative, please see the L​DC Contacts page.

Alternatively, for more information about the work of the Group or for any other questions, please email or tel 020 7563 4158.