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Northern Ireland Council

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Northern Ireland Council

BDA functions as an organisation representing the views of its members to the various organs of government which impact on the profession and the roles it plays.
The dental profession itself is made up of dentists in various work roles and all of these whether in primary or secondary care, or employed or self-employed are closely interlinked. Change in one part of the profession will have impact on other parts. This highlights the important functions of Northern Ireland Council which is: to consider all matters relating to dentistry especially concerning Northern Ireland and to deal with all such matters in conformity with the decisions of the Representative (policy making) body of the BDA.

Northern Ireland contains one BDA Branch, from which three members of Council are directly elected. The current structure of Northern Ireland Council is as follows:

  • Three Northern Ireland Branch members (elected)

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee (ex-officio)

  • Chair of Northern Ireland Salaried Dentists Committee (ex-officio)

  • Any PEC member residing in Northern Ireland (ex-officio)

Meeting Dates:

7 February 2014 @ 2pm 
6 June 2014 @ 2pm 
7 October 2014
@ 2pm




NICouncil Constitution          (22.18 KB)BDA Northern Ireland         Committee Members FAQs         (182 KB)