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Scottish Council ​Meeting Dates 2017

16 March 2017 at the BDA Scotland office

17 August 2017 at the BDA Scotland office

7 December 2017 at the BDA Scotland office

Scottish Council

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To consider all matters relating to dentistry, excepting those issues covered by the granting of delegated powers to the Scottish Dental Practice Committee and the Scottish Salaried Dentists Committee, and to deal with all such matters in conformity with the decisions of the Principal Executive Committee.

 To provide a channel of communication between the representative committees, namely the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, the Scottish Salaried Dentists Committee and the Scottish Committee for Hospital Dental Services and the Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff.

To advise NHS Boards and the Scottish Government and other interested parties on matters relating to the provision of effective dental services in Scotland.

The committee Secretary for the 2015 - 2017 triennium is Elaine Bruce.

Committee members 2015-2017

East Branch Representatives

Colwyn Jones, Edinburgh
Nick Baker, Edinburgh

North Branch Representatives

Adrian Hart, Inverness, Chair
Ardalan Eghtedar, North Branch

West Branch Representatives

David Cross, Glasgow, Vice-Chair
Vacant seat

SDPC Representatives

Robert Donald, Nairn
David McColl, Glasgow
John Glen, Cowdenbeath

SCHDS Representatives

Manar Elkhazindar, Inverness
Sarah Manton, Dundee

SSDC Representatives

Graham Smith, Isle of Syke
Kate Wiseman, Glasgow

Central Committee for Dental Academic Staff

John Drummond, Dundee 

Representative of Scottish Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors

John Hoayun

Young Dentist Committee Representative

Ardalan Eghtedar

One member of the Principal Executive Committee elected by members in Scotland

Derek Harper, Kirkcaldy

Principal Executive Committee Members

Mick Armstong, Chair of the PEC
Eddie Crouch, Deputy Chair of the PEC