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Annual Financial Report

Each year the BDA is required by law to produce the Annual Report and Financial Statements. They are independently audited to ensure they give a true and fair view of the Association’s affairs. A copy of the report is available to download below.



Annual Accounts 2015-16 (762​ KB) 

Annual Accounts​ 2014-15

Annual Accounts 2013-14 (681.39 KB)

Annual Accounts 2012-13 (579.96 KB)​​​

Annual Accounts 2011-12 (261.77 KB)

Annual Accounts 2010-11 (2.19 MB)

Annual Accounts 2009-10 (442.58 KB)

Annual Accounts 2008-09 (574.35 KB)

Report and Financial Statements 2007-08 (821.99 KB)

Annual Financial Report 2007 (296.17 KB)