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Consultant job plans

The list of CCHDS documents is as follows:

Consultant Practice in the Dental Specialties

This document is a development of the 1997 British Dental Association publication entitled Consultant Workload and Practice in the Dental Specialties. It is designed to provide information and advice on a range of items relating to the role, terms of service, appointment and work programme of consultants in the dentally-based specialties. 

Consultant contract - model job plans

Following the agreement in England to implement a new consultant contract, CCHDS have been working on developing job plans for the different dental specialties. The job plans form a vital part of the contract and it is imperative that consultants are happy with them before agreement is reached.

Examples of model job plans can be downloaded below:

Consultant oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon job plan

Consultant Restorative Dentist job plan

Consultant Orthodontist job plan

Consultant Paediatric Dentist job plan

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist job plan


020.5 Consultant Practice in         the Dental Specialties         (417.77 KB)021 Consultant Oral         and Maxillofacial Surgeon         job plan (96.05 KB)
023 Consultant Restorative         Dentist job plan (206.57 KB)025 Consultant Orthodontist         job plan (255.51 KB)
027 Consultant Paediatric         Dentist job plan (252.19 KB)029 Consultant Oral         and Maxillofacial Radiologist         job plan (629.01 KB)