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Transforming Community Services

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Since January 2009 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) have been aware of the need to separate their providing and commissioning functions as a result of the implication of the Transforming Community Services policy

Through the work of both the Salaried Dentists committee and the BDA’s Employment Relations Officers the BDA has sought to both contribute to the wider debate on divestment and also advise individuals who find themselves faced with local divestment schedules.

Consistently the BDA has maintained that it cannot advise individual members or services as to which divestment option they should support, rather, we have endeavoured to provide analysis of the divestment models available and guidance as to what members should expect in terms of the structure of the divesting process.  To that end SDC remains committed to the following policy statement;
In respect of proposals emanating from Transforming Community Services , or any other alternative option for delivery of PCT dental services, the Committee whilst welcoming initiatives that seek to improve services delivered to many of the most vulnerable members of society, cannot support any developments that would result in a retreat from established NHS terms and conditions for Primary Care Trust Dental Service staff members.

While this basic statement of protection for BDA members remains our core aim, we have also been able to offer practical assistance in the form of guidance to help services as they face critical decisions on what direction to take, dependent on the specific local circumstances. This guidance is to be found as one of the links to the left of the page alongside other supporting documents that members may find helpful as they find themselves engaged in the divestment debate.

Also to the left is a link to a series of questions members may find useful to ask as they seek to scrutinise their local divestment process.  

Members are welcome to contact the BDA Employment Relations team on 0207 563 4582 or via e-mail at