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Why get involved with the BDA?

To ensure that young dentists views are represented, we need younger dentists to step up and take part.


Two young dentists talk about what the BDA offers to them and why they decided to get involved in their professional association.

Making the most of your membership

We encourage all young dentists to get involved and use the BDA to the max!

One great way to make use of your membership is to join your BDA local branch or section, many now have Young Dentist Groups, and offer great opportunities for professional development, as well as networking and finding out more about how the BDA works and how you can develop your skills.

The BDA Young Dentists Committee is always looking for ideas and suggestions on how the BDA can support young dentists more, if you have any comments, please get in touch.

Make sure you details are up-to-date on MyBDA to get news and updates.