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BDA elections 2017

elections_2017_logo_800px.jpgCan you represent dentistry? This year all of the seats on BDA Committees, the BDA’s five Country Councils, and five seats on the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee (our ‘Board’) are up for election.

Would you like to stand?

Our elections process works by nominating yourself for the Committee, Country Council or PEC seat you are eligible to stand for:

​Committee representatives stand by field of practice, and/or location

button-stand-for-council-220x40.png​Country Council representatives can stand by location
button-stand-for-pec-220x40.png​Four Principal Executive Committee seats are available by geographical location and one is a UK-wide seat


Want to know more?

Our frequently asked questions covers information about what is expected of our elected representatives, what experience is needed, what our representative structures roles and responsibilities are, and what our representatives get out of taking part.

Over 300 seats are up for elections this year – the BDA is democratic organisation and our structures can seem complex, so if you aren’t sure how it works, and want to know more about specific roles or what you are eligible to stand for, take a look at our key terms explained​.

And, if you think you already know how the BDA works, have a go at our elections quiz, share with your colleagues, and let us know​ how you did!

What’s the timetable?

Our elections process opens Friday 22 September at 17:00 for self-nominations and closes Friday 20 October at 17:00

Once nominations are in, the voting period for contested seats will open Monday 6 November. 

Successfully elected representatives for Committees and Councils will take their seats in the spring of 2018 and PEC members from 1 January 2018.

Any questions?

If you have any questions that aren’t covered in our FAQs​, please get in touch or tel 0207 563 4141.​