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BDA CDS Group General Anaesthesia Study Days

General Anaesthesia for adult special care dental patients and general anaesthesia for paediatric dental patients

Monday 17 - Tuesday 18 April 2023 | Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport, Birmingham

The CDS Group will be hosting a two-day event in April 2023 full of informative lectures delivered by various speakers. It will also be a good opportunity to network with your peers and meet face-to-face. 

Topics will include: 

  • GA guidelines in CDS
  • The role of Mental Health Capacity Act
  • Procedural anxiety in children and young people 
  • Challenges faced when treating Special care patients under GA
*Online booking now available for all aspects of the study days - 2 day special rate, Monday and Tuesday only. Click on these direct links below to make your online booking:

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Feedback from delegates from the last event which took place in January 2020 

'Very good speakers - great to have a day of lectures so relevant to my clinical practice.'

'The whole event has been brilliant, great speakers, very informative.'

​Monday programme


Registration, refreshments and exhibition


Welcome by Josie Lemon, President of the CDS Group


​Shared airways, complicated medical histories and complex learning/physical disability  


To understand the difficulties presented to the anaesthetist by the Community Dental and Additional Needs patients.

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand the issues of a shared airway

  • Understand the issues presented to an anaesthetist by complex medical/physical disability

  • Understand the issues presented to an anaesthetist by complex behavioural issues

  • Understand when to refer patients to a Preassessment Service

Learning content:

A lecture with the ability to answer questions at the end. 

GDC outcome: C

Craig Renfrew 


​Refreshments and exhibition 


​The development and design of a Special Care General Anaesthetic service


  • To appreciate the staffing, equipment and facility requirements when running a Special Care Dentistry (SCD) General Anaesthetic (GA) list. 

  • To consider areas of special requirements for SCD GA lists.

  • To be aware of training and education requirements for staff running SCD GA lists.

  • To have an overview of the organisational, administrative and financial considerations of a SCD GA list. 

Learning objectives:

  • To outline the staffing, equipment and facility requirements for a SCD GA list 

  • To outline the additional training and education required for staff providing a SCD GA service 

  • To outline the use of audit and QI to monitor and improve the quality of a GA service 

Learning content:

To provide an overview of the design and development considerations for a SCD GA service. The session will review some of the organisational challenges that can present when delivering a GA service and the need for staff training and quality assurances.

GDC outcome: A, B

Elizabeth Cheales  


​An insight into Special Care Dentistry General Anaesthetic: A series of case presentations 


  • To provide clinicians with an insight into the challenges faced when treating Special care patients under GA. 

  • To highlight the multidisciplinary team approach that is required.

  • To provide some tips for successful collaborative working. 

  • To give examples of the types of cases we treat under General Anaesthetic. 

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the challenges clinicians/services may face when planning treatment under general anaesthetic

  • The importance of multidisciplinary collaborative working 

  • To help clinicians identify which patients are suitable for treatment under general anaesthetic and those who require additional specialist medical involvement.

Learning content:

To provide an overview of the types of Special Care patients we treat using General Anaesthetic via case presentations. This will highlight the challenges faced, the often complex comorbidities patients present with which require multidisciplinary working and how to achieve this successfully in your area. 

GDC outcome: A, C 

Lauren Firth


​Lunch and exhibition


​Planning general anaesthesia for dental treatment of the patient with a higher BMI. A team approach.


General anaesthetics for patients with a high BMI are becoming more common for dental treatment.  Planning treatment for these patients poses challenges for patient, anaesthetist and dentist alike. The session aims to discuss these challenges and an approach to managing them.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the specific concerns of patients with a higher BMI when approaching a general anaesthetic and feel more confident discussing risk.

  • Understand how to use our assessment of patients with a higher BMI to support our anaesthetic colleagues.

  • Understand the specific challenges which may face an operating dentist when carrying out dental treatment for a patient with a high BMI under general anaesthetic.

Learning content:

The session aims to provide insight into what anaesthetists consider when planning GA for a patient with a high BMI and how they may discuss risks with a patient.  It will also look at the specific concerns that patients may have regarding their weight and anaesthetic risk.

GDC outcome: A, B

Jessica Bell-Davies


The role of Mental Capacity Act (2005) in dental General Anaesthesia


Understand the use of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) legislation and its application when planning and delivering dental treatment within a Best Interests framework, alongside restrictive interventions, general anaesthesia, and Court of Protection.

Learning objectives:

  • Know the principles of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and process to make Best Interests decisions.

  • Understand restrictive practices which may create a deprivation of liberty.

  • When to consider Court of Protection for dental cases and its role.

Learning content:

An overview of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) legislation and framework for Best Interests decisions. Examples of restrictive interventions amounting to a deprivation of liberty including general anaesthesia. The role of the Court of Protection in dental cases and when to consider their involvement.

GDC outcome: A, D

Tim Whaley


​Refreshments and exhibition 


​The use of General Anaesthesia in Special Care Dentistry: A clinical guideline from the British Society of Special Care Dentistry


To provide an overview of the clinical guideline by The British Society of Special Care Dentistry from conception and development, through evidence-based recommendations to implementation. 

Learning objectives:

Should fulfill the aim. By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to…

  • Describe the methodology and methods undertaken to provide the guideline

  • Present the key recommendations made within the guideline

  • Be aware of the implementation for services

  • Recognise the Clinical Governance elements of the guideline

Learning content:

This lecture seeks to disseminate and share the newest guideline to be developed by The British Society of Special Care Dentistry, which focuses on the use of General Anesthesia in Special Care Dentistry. It will explore methods and methodology, evidence-based recommendations, and clinical governance contained within the guideline. 

Development outcome: A, B, C  

Nicholas Beacher



Tuesday programme


Registration, refreshments and exhibition


​Welcome by Josie Lemon, President of the CDS Group


​Treating Teens: The challenges of sedation


To provide an understanding of sedation modalities available within the UK Health system for the adolescent population from assessment to delivery of service.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to…

  • Overview of sedation modalities for the adolescent patient in the UK  

  • Update of UK Guidelines and evidenced based approach to sedation  

  • Discuss current and proposed research in the field 

Learning content:

A lecture with the ability to ask questions at the end.

Development outcome: C, D


Refreshments and exhibition 


​Working with children and young people experiencing procedural anxiety


Understanding the Assessment and Implementation of Interventions for CYP experiencing Anxiety related to Dental Procedures. 

Learning objectives:

By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to…

  • Understand the causes of procedural anxiety in children and young people 

  • Implement strategies to help reduce patient anxiety in routine clinical practice

  • Consider how services may work with CYP and their families to increase engagement and outcomes.

Learning content:

Exploring the nature of anxiety experienced by children and young people attending dental services, and how we can provide support to help reduce anxiety to improve clinical adherence and outcomes.

Development outcome: A, D

Amy Hughes


Planning and provision of paediatric dental care under General Anaesthesia


To discuss treatment planning for children requiring comprehensive dental care under general anaesthesia and the provision of high quality care in the planning and delivery of dental treatment under general anaesthesia. 

Learning objectives:

By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to…

  • Plan dental treatment for general anaesthesia

  • Be aware of good practice in preassessments and comprehensive care 

  • Improve the integration of quality assurance into the planning and delivery of dental treatment under general anaesthesia

Learning content:

This presentation will include clinical cases of children needing dental comprehensive care under general anaesthesia.  The patient pathway will be discussed with an emphasis on how effective preassessment and use of existing tools help to maintain a high standard of care and minimize risk.

Development outcome: C, D

Sinead Enright


​Lunch and exhibition


​In somno securitas – Safety in sleep: Keeping GA dental patients safe


To consider anaesthesia for adult special care and paediatric dental patients, with a focus on risk reduction.  It will cover planning for medically complex patients, planning a safety-aware service and the current focus on environmental safety.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this activity, the participant should be able to…

  • Identify and gather information for patients at increased anaesthetic risk

  • Seek anaesthetic advice where appropriate

  • Plan pre- and post-operative pathways with safety in mind

  • Interface with other healthcare providers to manage risk

Learning content:

This session examines physical health conditions associated with anaesthetic risk, and how to gather relevant information and plan where to treat higher risk patients. It will consider some of the difficulties commonly encountered with planning a pre-op and referral pathway for community services.  

Development outcome: A, C

Kim Soulsby


Refreshments and exhibition 


Dysbiosis in dental disease prevention - You, Me and P

To reflect the imbalance of prevention in dentistry and consider options and responsibilities for raising awareness and delivering evidence based oral health messages. How this might be addressed and messages promoted consistently. Pose alternative approaches to promote and influence oral health outcomes for overall health and wellbeing in the 21st century.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify their individual role in oral health promotion in their current environment 

  • Select achievable goals based on appropriate messages for individuals

  • Recognise  limitations of oral health promotion in isolation and identify opportunities to collaborate with others to promote oral and overall health and wellbeing

  • Know the key oral health messages updated in DBOH

Learning content: 

If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to achieve a healthy smile for life? The messages have changed little so is there an imbalance of prevention in dentistry? Is it time to stop ticking boxes and think more outside the box on how we make every contact count.

Development outcome: A, D

Leigh Hunter




Monday 17 April 2022

​Craig Renfrew
Consultant Anaesthetist/Associate Medical Director, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

David was appointed as a consultant anaesthetist in 1999. He has had regular sessions in OMFS, Community Dental and in Additional Needs Dental Services. He has also regularly anaesthetised for paediatric general surgical lists and ENT paediatric lists. He also perform a High Risk Preassessment Clinic.

​Elizabeth Cheales 
Specialist in Special Care Dentistry, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire community dental services

Elizabeth works between the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Community Dental Services (CDS), where she leads on service development and delivery for the adult special care patients. This includes the coordination and delivery of general anesthetic and conscious sedation. Elizabeth became a specialist in Special Care dentistry in 2021 and enjoys working across both community services, helping to integrate care between the trusts whilst delivering high quality care for patients with complex needs within the community setting.

Jess Davies.jpg

Jessica Bell-Davies
Specialist in Special Care Dentistry, North Wales Community Dental Service

She qualified from Leeds Dental School and went on to work in dental practice, oral and maxillofacial surgery and teaching before beginning specialist training in Special Care Dentistry. She completed her training in Hull and East Yorkshire in 2013 and moved to work for Whittington Health in North London.  She has now worked for North Wales Community Dental Service for 7 years treating a variety of patients in this beautiful part of the country.

Lauren Firth
Consultant in Special Care Dentistry, Special care and Community Dental Service, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust  

Lauren has worked in Special Care Dentistry since 2010. Starting as a dental officer she has progressed her career, completing her Specialty training in Sheffield in 2016. After working in Hull and East Yorkshire for a couple of years as a Specialist she returned to Sheffield in 2018 appointed as Consultant in Special Care Dentistry. Her post is split between the Community Service and Charles Clifford Dental Hospital. She treats a variety of patients, predominantly those who are medically compromised (oncology/cardiology/hematology etc) within the hospital setting and those with a variety of complex needs in the community. She is lead for the General Anaesthetic service and provides IV sedation to patients in a secondary care setting also. 

She is involved in both undergraduate, postgraduate and dental nurse teaching. Providing lectures to the BDS, H+T students and dental nurses trainees and as both a clinical and educational supervisor for the specialty and foundation level trainees. She is also the Chair for the Special Care Dentistry MCN in Yorkshire and the Humber. 

​Nicholas Beacher
Senior Clinical Lecturer/ Hon. Consultant in Special Care Dentistry (On behalf of The British Society for Special Care Dentistry) The University of Glasgow/NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde 

In addition to his clinical duties, Nick delivers teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate audiences throughout the United Kingdom.

Nick has research experience working with older people and in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, with a focus on active learning. He is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. His current research activity focusses on the associations between the oral microbiome and head and neck cancer. 

Nick is The Learning and Teaching Lead for BSSCD. He was a member of the guidance development group for SDCEP, Management of Dental Patients Taking Anticoagulants or Antiplatelet Drugs, 2nd edition. 

Tim Whaley
Head of Mental Health Legislation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

12 years working within LTHT as the lead for Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health Act. Prior to this I worked for a brief period for ASC for 3 years, developing their MCA Governance.10 years working in Advocacy services - developing advocacy projects for vulnerable groups, developing and managing the IMCA service Before that I worked in Community Learning Disability services for many years in a number of roles - direct support, long stay institutional closure programmes, registered manager in Supported Living Services.I am also an associate lecturer covering MCA/MHA education and run a very part time consultancy service supporting families/self-advocacy organisations etc.

Tuesday 18 April 2022

Amy Hughes
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

Amy is an experienced Clinical Psychologist working in a community based Clinical Psychology Paediatric Service. Her clinical practice involves supporting emotional wellbeing and psychological development in children and young people whose lives are adversely impacted by chronic medical conditions. Her areas of special interest include the impact of attachment relationships and experiences of trauma on young people and their families. 

​Carly Dixon
Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry, University of Manchester

Carly has worked at the University of Manchester as Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry since 2017, undertaking her Specialist Training in Paediatric dentistry in the Northwest. Her interest in sedation was developed during her Master of Research (MRes DPH) with her published research on the management of anxious paediatric patients under I.V sedation. 

She is extensively involved in Undergraduate and Post Graduate teaching and research in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Manchester. She was made a Fellow of the Higher Education of Teaching and gained a PGCert in Higher Education in 2019, and passing of MPaed Dent in 2021. 

​Kim Soulsby
Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Berkshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Kim is a consultant anaesthetist with an interest in medical ethics and law. She is the lead anaesthetist for community dental patients requiring treatment under general anaesthesia in our Trust.  She also regularly anaesthetise patients for MRI scans, many of whom have additional needs and learning disabilities. She has worked with the Learning Disability Liaison team both within her clinical roles and as a Medical Safeguarding Lead and have had the good fortune to work alongside our CDS to secure a robust GA service within her Trust for community dental patients.

Leigh Hunter
Oral Health Coach, Growing Smiles UK

40 years of clinical dentistry in the UK and abroad underpins a passion for prevention with a mindset that oral health is integral to overall health and wellbeing. She is a contributor to the 4th edition of Delivering Better Oral Health and past chair and secretary of the BSPD NI group. Principal of the Hygiene programme at QUB is sandwiched between a career in CDS, HDS, education and dental trade, and returning to GDP. 

Growing Smiles was born of the challenge implementing prevention into clinical practice. Working directly with the public (& dental practices) a large component of risk assessment, patient education and motivation has moved out of a surgery environment, reducing costs yet fulfilling the key components of a truly preventive therapy. 

Sinead Enright
Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry, Bradford District Care Foundation Trust

Sinead is a Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry, working in the Community Dental Service in Bradford since 2012.  She is the clinical lead for Dental Exodontia under General Anaesthetic and provide treatment with local anaesthetic, inhalation sedation and general anaesthetic.  Her work covers a broad range of Paediatric Dentistry, including care for children with physical and developmental disorders, traumatic dental injuries, dental defects and, of course, dental caries.

She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 2001. She spent my early career in vocational training, private practice, community and hospital in Ireland, followed by specialist training in Belfast and Cardiff.


The event meets the educational criteria set by the GDC for enhanced CPD (10 hours) and is certified by the British Dental Association.



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BDA member: £125                                                                
Non member: £140
FD/VDP*, StR*, student*, Senior member: £95
Dental care professional: £95

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*Unfortunately if you are a FD/VD, StR or non member student dentist you cannot book online.To book please complete the booking form (PDF version) or booking form (word version) or call the Events Team on 020 7563 4590 to book over the phone (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).

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Venue and accommodation

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport - NEC

Coventry Road, 


B26 3QW 

United Kingdom


On Site Parking Available

Parking is charged at £10.00 per 24 hours. Conference delegate car parking charges are inclusive in rate. At peak times you may be directed to use offsite parking.

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