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Room 2


Dietary choices, lifestyle and oral health

Rebecca Harris, Professor/Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, University of Liverpool

  • Consider issues around giving dietary advice to patients
  • Be aware how dentists tend to talk to patients about oral health
  • Understand how patients receive these messages.

10:00-10:30 Refreshments and exhibition break


Sensible prosthodontics - practical solutions for 2017

Kevin Lochhead, Specialist Prosthodontist and Clinical Director, Edinburgh Dental Specialists

  • Improve your knowledge of practical prosthodontics

  • Address the importance of effective treatment planning and find out which three things are missing from most prosthodontic treatment plans

  • Explore some of the common problems which occur in fixed or removable prosthodontics and how they may be managed.


Composite artistry - adhesive dentistry vs the enamel slayers

Monik Vasant, General Practitioner, Freshdental, Bolton and London

  • Understand the endless possibilities of modern day anterior composites
  • Introduce the thought process and factors involved in planning composite cases
  • Discuss specific clinical scenarios
  • Discuss clinical tips and tricks.

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12:35-13:35 Lunch and exhibition break


Oral cancer - risk factors, early detection, and prevention

David Conway, Professor of Dental Public Health, University of Glasgow Dental School and Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, NHS National Services Scotland

  • Overview of the latest evidence on risk factors associated with oral cancer

  • Discuss the evidence in relation to prevention strategies/approaches.

14:35-14:55 Refreshments and exhibition break


Child-friendly dentistry: how to make it part of your practice

Nicola Innes, Professor of Paediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Dundee

  • Identify the key features of child-friendly dentistry

  • Apply child-friendly techniques to day-to-day care of children

  • Plan treatment for children using child-friendly dentistry

  • Evaluate the success of treatment.


Composite and digital dentistry

Monik Vasant, General Practitioner, Freshdental, Bolton and London

  • Introduce the use of cad-cam indirect composite and the concept of combination composite treatment
  • Discuss its indications for use
  • Discuss clinical cases where the use of combination composite treatment can transform the aesthetic and functional outcome.

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