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Student loupes

Having the proper tools is essential to becoming a successful dentist. To help you achieve this, we've negotiated an exclusive £100 student discount with Orascoptic, the world-renowned dental loupes manufacturer.


What are the benefits of dental loupes?

Dental loupes are becoming a standard in both dental schools and practices across the globe. The integration of a loupe into classroom training will help you develop a more neutral posture early on in your career.


To get a more in-depth look at the overall benefits of dental loupes check out the Orascoptic Benefits to Buying Loupes eBook.


Read Dr Saeid Hagri's blog about the benefits of loupes and the common questions people ask.


Why choose Orascoptic?

Orascoptic has been a pioneer in medical vision for over 30 years, offering healthcare professionals and students superior products that focus on magnification, illumination and ergonomics.


Each Orascoptic loupe is custom-crafted with meticulous precision and personalised to the individual user's facial geometry, ensuring optimal resolution across the widest and deepest field of view.



In a series of third-party lab tests, Orascoptic's latest generation HDL™ 2.5x Macro loupes consistently outperformed the competition with superior combined scores for field width, field depth, resolution and light transmission. Most notably, scores were outstanding in the areas that contribute most to image clarity.




Orascoptic’s optical resolution is:

  • 125% better than Manufacturer A
  • 26% better than Manufacturer B
  • 12% better than Manufacturer C

Did you know? As our eyes age, less light reaches our retinas. Orascoptic loupes have greater light transmission which allows you to maintain a high level of clarity and detail as you progress in your career.


Orascoptic’s light transmission is:


  • 40% higher than Manufacturer A
  • 22% higher than Manufacturer B
  • 14% higher than Manufacturer C

£100 saving for BDA members 

Student members get a £100 off any Orascoptic loupe. Join today to get your discount.


Student dental loupes special offer - flyer


How to claim your discount

It’s easy to claim your £100 discount:

1.  Join the BDA as a student member

2.  Arrange your personalised fitting with Orascoptic

3.  Buy your loupes from Orascoptic. At the time of purchase, give your BDA membership number to the Orascoptic sales person. They will then discount £100 from the price you pay.


Want to find out more?

Check out the loupe options available at Orascoptic or create your own custom loupe with the Orascoptic loupe builder.


Schedule a personal fitting with your local Orascoptic respresentative.


Download Orascoptic's student catalogue or flyer.