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Bdj July 24

British Dental Journal

The BDJ aims to inform readers of ideas, opinions, developments and key issues in dentistry - clinical, practical and scientific - to spark interest, debate and discussion.

Bdjip 6 June 2024

BDJ In Practice

BDJ In Practice provides everything practising dentists need to know, from regulation to leadership, campaigning to compliance.

Bdjteam July 24

BDJ Team

BDJ Team is an online publication for the whole dental team, offering a wide range of content and providing ten free hours of verifiable CPD a year to registered dental care professionals.

Bdjstudent May 24

BDJ Student

BDJ Student aims to give the dentists of tomorrow the tools they need to succeed throughout university through clinical insight, news, views and opinions. 

Ebd2 July 24

Evidence-Based Dentistry

EBD aims to create a dialogue between dental practitioners and dental researchers, in order to drive new research and promote the use of the best available evidence to inform clinical decision-making.


BDJ Open

BDJ Open is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing primary research from all oral health and dental disciplines across the globe.

BDJ collections

Call for papers

The BDJ portfolio welcomes submissions to the following journal collections: 

The Dental Profession Worldwide

What is it like to practise and train as dental professionals across the globe? BDJ Open welcomes articles on your day-to-day experiences, whether in the UK or worldwide.

PROMs in Dental Implants

Incorporating standardised PROMs more consistently in dental implant research will benefit the field by reflecting patient perspectives and ensuring more informed decision-making in clinical practice. EBD welcomes Commentaries and Systematic Reviews on this important subject.

Antimicrobials in Dentistry

Approximately 1/10th of all antimicrobials used globally are prescribed by dentists. Dentists have an important role to play in helping to tackle the threat of antimicrobial resistance. EBD welcomes Systematic Reviews to gather the best evidence about the use, and the consequences of misuse, of these important drugs.

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The BDJ Clinicians' Guides series enables clinicians at all stages of their careers to remain up to date on key topics across all fields of dentistry. BDA members can buy the guides with a 20% discount or access online versions via our library.

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