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What to expect

This webinar aims to help you discover the truth about the current practice sales market from leading experts within the industry.

A CPD certificate (in the name of the purchaser) will be available to download once viewing of this online lecture has been completed. It is a recording of a webinar delivered live in November 2023.

Learning objectives

  • Increase your market knowledge on the practice sale market and how your business has been impacted
  • Be aware of the key points in which a solicitor and accountant can help you plan effectively in preparation for a sale
  • Learn how to successfully plan for pre-sale and post-sale effectively.


Daniel Cornish Daniel Cornish Chartered Financial Planner, Wealthwide Ltd

Daniel Cornish is a Chartered Financial Planner working for Wealthwide for the past two years. In that time he's been providing comprehensive financial planning advice to dentists nationwide. Before that he helped hundreds of clients plan their retirement and solve their financial problems.

At Wealthwide, Daniel helps principal, associate and retired dentists live the life they want, without the fear of running out of money. Through their financial planning process, Daniel and Wealthwide help dentists see their full financial picture, so they can make important decisions with knowledge and confidence.

More information

Once you have completed the booking you will receive a link to view the webinar on the iLearn platform.

Please note it can take a little while for details of new orders to pass between servers. If after receiving your confirmation email you have successfully logged in, but the lecture is not appearing on your iLearn profile, please do give it a few more minutes and refresh your browser if you still have it open. The new session will appear in the top left when it has made it over to your account.

Closed captions for this lecture recording are available on request. Please email [email protected] for details. 

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