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What to expect

This seminar will help you understand modern concepts of periodontal disease aetiology. Learn how to assess and diagnose periodontal diseases effectively and understand the role of antimicrobials in disease control. There will be a Q&A with the speakers too. 

Learning objectives

  • Discuss prognosis of periodontally-involved teeth rationally with patients
  • Use BPE effectively and rapidly
  • Assess periodontal patients in detail to arrive at the right diagnosis
  • Instruct and motivate patients in self-care
  • Perform non-surgical therapy efficiently
  • Consider and plan the use of treatment adjuncts to periodontal treatment.

Development outcomes

A, C and D


Meet the speakers

Ian Dunn Photo 250X250 (1) Ian Dunn Specialist in Periodontics
Rajan Nansi Photo 250X250 Rajan Nansi Specialist Periodontist and Past President, British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

More information

If you wish to stay overnight during the event please contact MICE Concierge, our appointed hotel booking agency, by email [email protected] or call 01438 908 770.

Venue location