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What to expect

This webinar, delivered by Nicola West, will give members of the dental team a greater understanding of the association between periodontal diseases and Alzheimer’s disease

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the brain microbiome and how it changes over time
  • Propose a mechanism for the oral flora influencing dementia
  • Understand the importance of the role of home care led by patients and carers to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis and associated relevance to systemic diseases
  • Understand the evidence supporting a possible impact of periodontitis in Alzheimer´s disease.
  • Understand the proposed mechanisms that explain the association between periodontitis and Alzheimer´s disease.

Development outcomes


Meet the speaker

Nicola West Resized For Website Nicola West Professor and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Bristol Dental School

Nicola is Professor and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at Bristol Dental School, and the Director of the Clinical Trials Unit conducting research in the international forum, attracting substantial funding from industry, charities and NIHR funding streams.  

Current research interests are investigating the associations between periodontal diseases and systemic diseases and conditions including Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinson’s Disease, cardiovascular diseases and cystic fibrosis.  Novel clinical periodontal research methodologies are developed alongside the scientific evaluation of oral health care products for gingivitis, tooth wear, dentine hypersensitivity, tooth staining and whitening. Research is also conducted into oral hard and soft tissue augmentation and peri-implant lesions and conditions.

Nicola is the Secretary General of the European Federation of Periodontology and President-Elect for the British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. Nicola was Treasurer of the high successful international EFP Europerio 10 meeting in Copenhagen 2022 and has instigated UK adoption of the European periodontal guidelines on management of periodontal diseases.

In parallel Nicola has maintained a thriving periodontal and dental implant specialist practice in the centre of Bristol, a particular sphere of interest includes the management of peri-implantitis lesions.

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