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What to expect

This webinar, delivered by Harry Singh will educate and empower aesthetics professionals to understand, adapt to, and excel under the new regulatory framework affecting premises, practitioners and training within the aesthetics industry.

Learning objectives

  • Gain a detailed understanding of the upcoming changes in regulations affecting aesthetics clinics
  • Identify the key areas of impact, including premises regulations, practitioner qualifications, and training standards
  • Learn how to assess and modify clinic premises to comply with new safety and operational regulations
  • Understand the revised requirements for practitioners in terms of qualifications, experience, and certification
  • Discuss the pathways for existing practitioners to update or upgrade their credentials
  • Examine the new expectations for formal training and qualifications in the aesthetics field
  • Identify resources and strategies for obtaining necessary training and certifications

Development outcomes


Meet the speaker

Photo Harry Singh Resized 200 X 200 Harry Singh Dentist, Mentor and Business Coach

Harry Singh is a sought-after mentor, business coach, keynote speaker, key opinion leader and the founder of Botulinum Toxin Club. He is most well-known for helping medical professionals to start, grow and scale their facial aesthetics business. He pulls his wisdom from over 23 years of experience working in the trenches building successful aesthetic clinics with Dentistry and writing 4 books.