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Our library offers a great range of resources that members can access including books and articles on a wide range of subjects. This includes our bespoke research service which enables members to access support from our team of experienced staff, who can help them undertake research projects or find out more about specific topics in dentistry.

Books and eBooks

Our extensive collection of books and eBooks is available for members to browse via our complete online catalogue. Thousands of titles are available, covering topics from endodontics to periodontology and orthodontics to paediatric dentistry.

You can access our entire eBook collection separately if you wish.

Our catalogue also hosts a wide range of CPD eBooks, covering a broad range of dental subjects. Each title is provided with 20 multiple choice questions worth 2 hours CPD, allowing BDA members to earn up to 70 hours CPD.

We have also collected the latest 10 books on several subjects.

Journals and online journals

Members can use several online services, including OVID Medline, Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source, and Wiley providing access to over 260 online journals.

Browse our journal resources (please login to view the page).

Please note that while the online catalogue holds a record of journal article references, journals and eJournals cannot be accessed via that platform. You can use our A-Z journal finder to discover where to find each journal.

You can request any articles not available on our catalogue via our online form. 

Doctoral theses

A large collection of over 1200 doctoral theses from UK universities on dentistry and oral health are available for loan and online access. To download the resources for free you will need to create a complimentary account with the British Library EThOS service.

Check our online catalogue thesis list for availability and more information or call 020 7563 4545 to request an item.


Members have access to around 500 packages (folders) of articles on a range of different dental subjects such as oral hygiene and radiography. Each package is borrowed in the same way as a book, via our online catalogue, and posted out to members free of charge, loaned for seven weeks.

Bespoke research services

Our staff are available to research topics on behalf of members using Medline, Cochrane and various other online sources. 

Contact [email protected] with details of the topics to be researched (medical or dental). The results should be emailed or posted back within two working days.

Each Medline search will contain:

  • the search strategy used and information about how the search was carried out
  • a list of article references along with abstracts. Please note that for legal reasons, full text articles must be requested by members on a copyright declaration form.
  • each reference states if we should have the article in the library or if it is available as an eJournal.

In addition, reviews from Cochrane, plus electronic copies of guidelines or policy documents, will be supplied where possible. References to the articles will be provided where copies are not possible.

Regular topic updates

If members would like to keep up to date with a specific topic, they can request a regular update search. Emails with references will be sent every time new articles on the topic appear on Medline.

Email [email protected] with details of the topic to request the regular update service.