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Adhesive restoration of endodontically treated teeth (Quintessentials 40) (ProQ)

F. Mannocci
Quintessence, 2008

Advanced CBCT for endodontics: technical considerations, perception, and decision-making (EBSCO - if you registered for ebooks before October 2017 email library@bda.org for login details)

J. A. Khademi et al
Quintessence, 2017

Art and science of contemporary surgical endodontics (ProQ - 1 concurrent user)

M. Torabinejad et al
Quintessence, 2017

Bioceramic Materials in Clinical Endodontics (ProQ)

S. Drukteinis et al (Eds)

Springer, 2021


Clinical approaches in endodontic regeneration - current and emerging therapeutic perspectives (ProQ)

H. Duncan et al (Editors)
Springer, 2019

Clinical atlas of retreatment in endodontics (VLeBooks)

V. Chopra (Editor)

Wiley-Blackwell, 2021

Clinical cases in endodontics (ProQ)

T. Komabayashi
Wiley Blackwell, 2018

Clinical endodontics: a textbook (3rd ed) (ProQ)

L. Tronstad
Thieme, 2008

Clinical success in endodontic retreatment (ProQ)

S. Simon et al
Quintessence, 2009

Cohen's pathways of the pulp (11th ed) (ProQ - 3 concurrent users)

K. Hargreaves et al
Mosby Elsevier, 2015

Concise guide to endodontic procedures (ProQ)

P. Murray
Springer, 2014

Disinfection of root canal systems: the treatment of apical periodontitis (ProQ)

N. Cohenca
Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

H.M.A. Ahmed et al
Wiley-Blackwell, 2022

Endodontic diagnosis, pathology, and treatment planning: mastering clinical practice (ProQ)

B. Patel
Springer, 2015

Endodontic irrigation - chemical disinfection of the root canal system (ProQ)

B. Basrani
Springer, 2015

​Endodontic materials in clinical practice (ProQ)
​Endodontic materials in clinical practice (ProQ)
J. Camilleri (Editor)
Wiley-Blackwell, 2021

Endodontic microbiology (2nd edition) (ProQ - one concurrent user)

A. F. Fouad
Wiley-Blackwell, 2017

Endodontic pain: diagnosis, causes, prevention and treatment (ProQ)

P. A. Rosenberg 
Springer, 2014

Endodontic-periodontal lesions - evidence-based multidisciplinary clinical management (ProQ)

I. Tsesis et al 
Springer, 2019

Endodontic prognosis - clinical guide for optimal treatment outcome (ProQ)

N. Chugal et al (Editors) 
Springer, 2017

Endodontic radiology (2nd Ed) (ProQ)

B. Basrani
Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

Endodontics (4th Ed)

K. Gulabivala et al
Mosby Elsevier, 2014

Endodontics: principles and practice (5th edition) (EBSCO - 1 concurrent user)

M. Torabinejad (Editor)
Elsevier Saunders, 2014

Endodontics Review: A Study Guide (2nd Ed) (ProQ)

B. Blicher et al (Editors)

Quintessence, 2022

Endodontology at a glance (ProQ)

A. Davies et al (Editors)
Wiley-Blackwell, 2019

Essential endodontology: prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis (3rd Edition) (ProQ - 1 concurrent user only)

D. Orstavik Editor)
Wiley-Blackwell, 2020

Guidebook to molar endodontics (ProQ)

O. A. Peters (Editor)
Springer, 2017

Harty's endodontics in clinical practice, 7th Edition

B. S. Chong
Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, 2016

Ingles endodontics 7th edition.JPG
Ingle's endodontics, 7th edition 

I. Rotstein et al (Editors)
PMPH-USA, 2019

Lasers in endodontics: an evidence-based practical guide

G. Olivi et al
Springer, 2016

Management of fractured endodontic instruments - a clinical guide

T. Lambrianidis (Ed)
Springer, 2018

Managing endodontic failure in practice (Quintessentials 23) (ProQ)

B. S. Chong
Quintessence, 2004

Microsurgery in endodontics (ProQ – 1 concurrent user only)
S. Kim et al (Eds)
Wiley Blackwell, 2018

Mineral trioxide aggregate in dentistry: from preparation to application (ProQ)

J. Camilleri 
Springer, 2014

Minimally invasive approaches in endodontic practice (ProQ)

G. Plotino (Editor)

Springer, 2021

Nanotechnology in endodontics: current and potential clinical applications (ProQ)

A. Kishen (Editor) 
Springer, 2015

PDQ endodontics (2nd Edition) (ProQ)

J.I. Ingle (Editor) 
PMPH-USA, 2009

Pediatric endodontics: current concepts in pulp therapy for primary and young permanent teeth (ProQ)

A. Fuks et al (Editors) 
Springer, 2016

Pitt Ford's problem-based learning in endodontology

S. Patel et al
Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

PRF Applications in Endodontics

PRF Applications in Endodontics (ProQ – 3 concurrent users)

M. Sabeti et al (Editors)

Quintessence, 2020

Principles of endodontics (3rd edition) (ProQ – 6 concurrent users only)

S. Patel et al
Oxford University Press, 2020

​[Verifiable CPD available]

Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry [EBSCO)

Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry (EBSCO)

IA Mjör

Quintessence, 2002


Rational root canal treatment in practice (Quintessentials 2) (ProQ) 

J. M. Whitworth
Quintessence, 2002

Restoration of root canal-treated teeth: an adhesive dentistry perspective

J. Perdigao
Springer, 2016

Retreatments - solutions for periapical diseases of endodontic origin (EBSCO – 3 concurrent users)
P. Bertani et al (Editors)
Edra, 2020

Root canal anatomy in permanent dentition (ProQ)

M. A. Versiani et al (Eds)
Springer, 2019

Root resorption. pathophysiology and management (ProQ)

R. V. Vineet
Anchor Academic Publishing, 2016

Shaping for cleaning the root canals: a clinical-based strategy (EBSCO)

G. De Deus et al (Editors)

Springer, 2021

Textbook of endodontology, 3rd Edition (ProQ)

Bjorndal, L et al (previously edited by Bergenholtz) 
Wiley-Blackwell, 2018




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