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History journals

View a list of history related articles from our eJournals titles.


Rebinding The Dental Surgeon 1917



We are raising money to rebind this important volume of the UK based, The Dental Surgeon - a weekly review devoted to the interests of the dental practitioner.

Read a selection of snippets from this journal - sign up for weekly updates


Bexhill-on-Sea - dentistry in a seaside resort

Paul Hellyer has written two articles in the BDJ issues for September 2019 on the development and growth of dental practice in this Sussex resort between 1885 and 1916.

The growth of general dental practice in a developing Sussex seaside resort 1885-1916 - Part 1: the early settlers

The development of dental practice in a new English seaside resort 1885-1916. Part 2: the next generation 


Fluoride - the history of a consensus

In the July 2019 issue of the Journal of Dental Research ten Cate and Buzalaf take a look at the history of the discovery of fluoride's mode of action.


Washington's dentures

The Lancet volume 394, 20th July contains a short piece about George Washington's dentures, his dentist and 18th century dental practices.


Reinterpretation of a Phoenician dental appliance

Read about an article on the Gaillardot Phoenician gold wire dental bridge in the 28th June 2019 issue of the BDJ


Advertising - a historical perspective

Read an article on the effect of advertising on perpetuating certain beliefs as truths in the March 2019 issue of Gerodontology


BDA WWI memorial

Read a BDJ article about the men who gave their lives in the First World War who are commemorated on a plaque at the headquarters of the British Dental Association.


July 2019 Dental Historian

This is the latest issue of the Lindsay Society's Dental Historian journal.

View a list of its contents on the Lindsay Society web page including access to one article online.

View the online archive.


Glasgow dental students in WWI

Glasgow dental school left behind no official Roll of Honour. Florence Dall has researched the records to bring those who served in the First World War to light.

Other articles in the Dental History magazine include:

  • Report on the Annual Conference of The Lindsay Society, Glasgow October 2018
  • Maurice Roy's protest
  • Cary Middlecoff: dentist and American golfer
  • 'TEETH': a personal accout of the Wellcome Exhibition, London 2018
  • Medieval malpractice: 'An enormous and horrible hurt of the jaw'
  • Toothache, tooth decay and tooth extraction in Lancashire 1900-1948 

In the Journal of the History of Dentistry

The latest issue is Winter 2018.

Articles include:

  • Precision and accuracy in the management of periapical lesions during the focal infection era
  • Dr C C Haskell, dentist and sewing machine merchant
  • Dr Thomas B Hartzell: an oral surgeon and physician caught in the conflagrations of focal infection


 Available journals

Dental History Magazine (formerly History of Dentistry Newsletter) - the journal of the History of Dentistry Research GroupAll issues available on the Research Group website
Library holdings: 2007 to date
Dental Historian (originally called The Lindsay Club Occasional Newsletter) - the journal of the Lindsay Society for the History of Dentistry

A 1975-1998 index is available. View the online archive.
Library holdings: 1975 to date

Journal of the History of Dentistry (originally called Bulletin of the History of Dentistry) - the journal of the American Academy for the History of DentistryIssues from 2005-2009 are available free on the Academy website
Library holdings: 1953 to date

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